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How does the sphere of influence of a computer shop change as it becomes larger?

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How does the sphere of influence of a computer shop change as it becomes larger? Methodology Pilot studies and forward planning Before I carried out the actual fieldwork, I conducted a pilot study a few days beforehand. With the pilot study, I tested out my questionnaire on 3 people (one for each shop). I had no problems with the questionnaire and I used the same questionnaire for the actual experiment (see appendix). Sampling It would have been very hard for me to question every single person who left the shops so instead I chose to question 20 people for each shop. I thought that this would give me enough data to make good conclusions. Also, I could not question 20 people leaving the shop in a row because by the time I would question one person, I could miss someone else, so I decided to use systematic sampling and I questioned every third person I saw. Why was the data collected? Size of the shop - I needed to know this because hypothesis 1a was to find out if the amount of people entering and leaving the three shops increased as they got larger. ...read more.


I also included at the bottom, something which I filled in, which was the sex of the interviewee and their approximate age. For this, I simply wrote "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9", so for example, if I thought someone was in their 30s, I would circle the number "3". Size of the shop - 16:00 To measure the size of the shop without using a tape measure, I walked both horizontally and vertically across each shop. I made sure that every step I took was the same length. I counted how many steps it took for me to get from one side of the shop to another. When I got back home, I then measured how long one of my steps was. I then multiplied this by the number of steps I took, and then calculated the area of each shop. Amount of people entering and leaving - 16:25 I stood just inside the shop and counted the amount of people entering and leaving each shop for 3 minutes. I did not count each of them separately (i.e. I counted the amount of people entering and leaving both in the same period of 3 minutes). ...read more.


On the other hand, I realised that although my results backed up my hypotheses, they were defiantly not perfect. For example, ideally a sphere of influence diagram should be a perfect circle bit my ones were not rounded. For example, for one of the shops the sphere of influence was the same radius (i.e. distance between the shop and where the customer lived) towards the north of the shop, but at the south hardly any people came to the shop. There could have been many reasons for this. Firstly, in the places from where less people came from, there could be another, better shopping centre, where people who live there prefer to go to that one instead. Also, there could be bad road networks in the area which would mean that it would be harder for people who live there to go to the shopping centre. Or quite simply, it might not be a built up area, which would mean that not many people live there, so there would obviously be less people visiting the shops from that area. If I could plan a further study, I would increase the sample size. This would mean that I would have more results to use to make a better and more reliable conclusion. ...read more.

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