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How have changes in tourist patterns in recent years affected a named resort in the MEDC?

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How have changes in tourist patterns in recent years affected a named resort in the MEDC? Tourism has changed dramatically in recent years, due to the improvements in technology of transport which have gotten faster and more efficient, allowing people to even travel hundreds of miles abroad which before the invention of the plane would have been only for those in the army, explorers or the unbelievably wealthy whereas today flights on planes can be bought very cheaply and people have a greater amount of free time which can be spent on holiday because of paid holiday leave, earlier retirement, increases in awareness of other cultures and countries through the media which often have a more reliable climate than of local holiday destinations. Tourists used to mainly travel to more traditional holiday destinations like the countryside or sea side resorts, for example Blackpool, which have struggled to survive against competition from foreign holidays which are seen as more interesting and exciting. ...read more.


learn about things like rhinoceros's or Chinese new year festivals, being at a crowded beach with a few rock pools is going to look pretty dull in comparison to the modern traveler. Blackpool is a large seaside resort and is probably the most famous in all of Britain and needs a lot of tourists to keep it sustained with acceptable levels of profit but is unfortunately falling into decline because of changes in tourism, many buildings are falling into decline, which attract the homeless and sometimes crime which repels visitors as are the beaches and the quality of the sea water is falling because of pollution which are deterring further potential tourists. To change Blackpool from decline to rejuvenation, the council is improving its tourism strategy. To do this improvements are being made to transport links to increase accessibility, accommodation is being renovated to be more appealing and beaches are ...read more.


To stop the wearing of roads the local council is developing the coach and bus facilities and has closed the railway to provide more space. To combat this spiral of decline Blackpool is encouraging new activities and facilities such as new indoor entertainment complexes and replacing old buildings and swimming pools to renovate the area to make it look more appealing so it does not entirely depend on people coming for the beaches by attracting conferences and exhibitions and can be seen from the development of the Blackpool illumination lights which attract out of season visitors which are more likely to be the elderly who have the greatest amount of free time so local restaurants and bars would cater for the majority of tourists to gain the most income and lengthen the tourist season to provide more variety for tourists. ...read more.

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