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How socially responsible are our high street shops? Primark and M&S

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Arianne Dyball MAIN Geography Miss Green Issue I Will be looking into Primark Marks and Spencer's Exploitation of workers. Wages and Hours? Evidence found underpaying workers and not paying overtime. Evidence found fair pay for workers. Child Labour? Evidence found child labour being used. Evidence found of use of child labour early on. How are employees treated? Safety and exposure to toxins and lack of trade unions and equal rights for disabled e.t.c.? Evidence found of lack of regard for workers? rights and lack of safety. Evidence found helping to assist workers to be shown how to how to do job properly. Global issues, how is waste disposed? Are any resources being polluted? Carbon footprints? Evidence found changing to more eco-friendly recycled bags. Evidence found helping environment with ?Plan A?. Evidence of Social Responsibility for Primark. This shows that Primark takes into account all social issues relating to the customers and stake holders. Evidence 1. This is an opinion of a stake holder (Primark?s owner). Primark's code of Conduct Primark?s code of Conduct: ? Employment is freely chosen ? Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected ? Working conditions are safe and hygienic ? Child labour shall not be used ? Living wages are paid ...read more.


This shows that Primark used child labour which was strictly against their code of conduct. This is evidence of lack of social responsibility as children would not be qualified to do the work which puts them in danger; it doesn?t give them a chance to enjoy life and, may result in no education, so they would be stuck in poverty line for most of life as no qualifications which is showing no social responsibility. Some limitations are that it was from 2008 so not current, so it is not completely accurate as the graph (left) shows this was when over half of Primark's factories were in section 4. The source is quite reliable as is clear evidence of using child labour, it also comes from a newspaper so the facts would have to accurate, but newspaper want the best story which will sell so is not 100% reliable. Evidence 2. "Sometimes we get major orders in and we have to work double quick. I get paid a few rupees for finishing each garment, but in a good day I can make 40 rupees (60p). "The beads we sew are very small and when we work late at night we have to work by candle - the electricity in the camp is poor." ...read more.


Yesterday Marks & Spencer said it had never knowingly sourced garments made using child labour and denied that other incorrectly labelled clothing could be available in M&S stores. On the incorrect labelling M&S said: "We believe this was a one-off mistake." Evaluation Limitations Valid This quote from an article shows that they have used child labour which against their code of conduct. It is also lack of responsibility to supply the customers (stake holders) with honest products that follow the code of conduct. It does not give any quotes from a stake holder and was from 1996 so is inaccurate compared to today?s standards as their code of conduct has changed over the years and they have acted more socially responsible e.g. the launch of Plan A. The source comes from a valid website and is impartial as it is mainly giving facts so is not biased although may have some incorrect information as the article needs to keep the readers attention. Evidence of Environmental Responsibilty for Primark Evidence 1 The production of the crops themselves is extremely polluting. Cotton is one of the planet's heaviest consumers of pesticide, and thousands of agricultural workers die every year as a result of cotton pesticide application. ...read more.

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