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How successful is hunstanton as a tourist resort

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How successful is hunstanton as a tourist resort? Aim: To investigate the success of hunstanton, Norfolk as a tourist resort. Hypothesis: 1. Hunstanton offers a clean, quiet and attractive environment. 2. Hunstanton offers attractions suitable for all ages. 3. Hunstanton attracts visitors from a large sphere of influence. 4. Most people visit hunstanton for the beach. 5. Most tourist stay at hunstanton for a week. All these hypothesis where selected because it will show the success of hunstanton because it will give you an idea of what the tourists think about hunstanton as a tourist resort. Introduction Hunstaton is located in the north west of Norfolk. ...read more.


A successful tourist resort should attract tourists from a large sphere of influence and have things. Methodology In Hunstanton we collected information in many different ways. We started by doing field sketches which gives you a sample of the area and shows physical or human factors the first one I did was the sketch of the green. Second one was looking down the sea path towards the sea life centre. The final one was next to the bowling alley looking out to the sea. After doing the sketches we did a environmental survey of the Bandstand, Sea front, Amusements, Green and the town to find out theses things: * Paving and road surface * Litter * Street Furniture * Noise * Parking * ...read more.


This showed how many people there was and showed the areas which attracted the tourists. Data interpretation This pie chart shows the age of people in hunstanton the highest percent is 39% this shows hunstanton attracts 60+ age group. This pie chart shows the amount if time people stayed in hunstanton was split between 1 week and day. This shows that the tourists come for a day out or stay for a weeks holiday this makes hunstanton a successful tourist resort. This is the environmental survey it shows the green scored the most points. All of the locations scored over 50 which is shows hunstanton has a very good environment. The green has clean and friendly environment. This pie chart shows the beach attracts people to hunstanton. This shows my hypothesis is right most people come to hunstanton for the beach ...read more.

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