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How the types of shops in Stourbridge Change from street to street.

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CONTENTS Study Area- 2 Study Area I am doing my survey in the dormitory town of Stourbridge, which is just outside Britain's second city of Birmingham and is on the edge of an area called the Black Country. Most of the people who live here usually commute into places like Merry Hill or into Birmingham where there are more jobs. The main industry in Stourbridge is its glass works and it is world famous for building the first steam locomotive to run in U.S.A called the Stourbridge Lion. Introduction The issue that I am going to be studying is how the types of shops in Stourbridge Change from street to street. This would be a good topic to study because of the different types of shops in the area vary a lot and I can see how the increase of the retail market in the area has attracted different types of shops there. I am conducting my study in Stourbridge town centre, which is the central retail district (CBD) in the area. There are three main streets in the town centre High Street, Talbot Street and Market Street. There is also a main covered shopping centre called the rye market where the main shops are. I am doing Talbot Street and Market Street as one whole street as the lack of data I got from the each street. Aims I intend to prove that the groups of shop in Stourbridge town centre are based on where their competitors in the shops field are. ...read more.


Graph 0.2 On these graphs it shows that there is a high concentration of money, with 9 shops in the area as well as clothing stores, which there are 6 of that type of shop on the high street. Rye Market Type of Shop Number of Shops Percentage of the Shops Money 1 4.04% Clothing 6 23.23% Pharmaceuticals 3 12.12% Cafes and Pubs 1 4.04% Electrical goods 4 15.14% Charity Shops 0 0% Variety Shops (e.g. Woolworths) 2 7.07% Cards and gifts 3 12.12% Grocers 6 23.23% Totals 26 The bar chart below shows the amount of shops in the Rye Market area of Stourbridge's central business district. Graph 0.3 The pie chart below shows the percentage of the different types of shop in the Rye Market area of Stourbridge's central business district. Graph 0.4 These graphs show a high concentration of mainly grocers and clothing stores in this area both with the same number of shops of 6 o this street this might be because of the influence of other shops o the street. Market Street and Talbot Street Type of Shop Number of Shops Percentage of the Shops Money 1 4% Clothing 4 18% Pharmaceuticals 7 31% Cafes and Pubs 3 13% Electrical goods 2 9% Charity Shops 4 17% Variety Shops (e.g. Woolworths) 1 4% Cards and gifts 1 4% Grocers 0 0% Totals 23 The graph below show the amount for each type of shop in the Market and Talbot Street area of Stourbridge's Central Business District. ...read more.


Some of my results are fairly inaccurate because of there not been enough data available to prove this for example I was only able to get 6 records of variety shops and card and gift shops. Evaluation My field work methods were that I used a map that had all the shops labelled on it and I also went into the CBD of Stourbridge and used data capture forms to record my data down there. To improve this if I was to do this again I would use more accurate methods such as make the groups more personalized to each shop for example I would put the larger supermarkets in there own type of shop for example they would not go in the same type of shop as a smaller independent grocers. The methods that I did use to get the data were in some ways inaccurate because the map I used may have been out of date and new shops may have been set up in the vacant shops that were vacant when I did the survey. Also they are inaccurate because I did not include the vacant shops in the survey. If I was to do this again I would take my results on a larger scale for example I would take them from a bigger city such as Birmingham or Wolverhampton to get more results to make I a more accurate study. I could also have done a better hypothesis by comparing it with another town of a similar size such as Kidderminster or an area of Birmingham such as Harbourne. GCSE Geography Project Nick Monaghan 1 ...read more.

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