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How we need to manage tourism by he year 2050

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How we need to manage tourism by he year 2050 As the minister of tourism I feel it is my duty to improve tourism in Kenya, and stop it getting out of hand. Kenya is a beautiful and popular place. More and more people by the year are wanting to visit. It has many attractions and people from all around the world are wanting to visit the national parks, safari parks, the coral reefs, different cultures, accommodation, beautiful scenery and hot weather. Tourism is important to the country because like all developing countries Kenya needs all the money it can get. And without having to rely on developed countries for charity, tourism is one way in which it can hope to achieve a better standard of living for its people. Tourism is also important because poor people are making money from tourists and the multiplier effect takes place e.g. because they get more money and trades do better and develop. The money the poor people gets goes towards schools, hospitals, roads and any other thing that will help build the country. ...read more.


Boats should have glass bottoms so the tourists can see the reef closely but not actually be allowed to touch it, fines should be allocated for any one that does. There should be another means for boats to stop other than an anchor because they also damage the coral reef by dragging along it. Guides should be educated about what's happening and generally be made aware of the damage its causing. CULTURES Tourists are coming in wearing revealing clothes and the culture in Kenya are not used to this and find it insulting as it is against their religion. Tourists should not just be allowed to invade there country, they should respect this and laws should be made for less exposing clothes to be worn. We should educate them about the people of Kenya's feelings and have certain places where tourists can wear what they like and certain places where they cant. Also drugs, alcohol and prostitution have been brought into the country and are giving Kenya a bad name and a reputation they do not deserve. To stop this before people are allowed into clubs they should be searched for drugs, and alcohol should be limited i.e. ...read more.


USA but with tourism the people don't have to rely as much on these countries because Kenya is a popular tourist attraction. But also Kenya because of the warm weather exports tea and coffee each year. Year Coffee% Tea % Tourism % 1964 11 5 8 1970 14 8 12 1980 15 8 12 1985 18 15 16 1989 10 14 22 As you can see tourism has increased during the years. I think we should export more tea and coffee and allow less tourists at a certain time in. I think we should allow more in winter because the local people are out of jobs because in summer there are more jobs for the locals e.g. pastoral farming or growing crops, and most of theses jobs are only available in the peak season, in summer, and the people are often unemployed in winter. I think we should create some more winter activities for tourists to attract them to Kenya then. So more jobs will be available for the people that live there, therefore more money and less unemployment. As you can see there are a lot of aspects we need to improve on and hopefully they will by the year 2050. ...read more.

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