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How we use Fossil Fuels

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The Use of Fossil Fuels By: Helen Kim 4th Period Ms. Hudson Fossil fuels are a big part of our country. They impact our environment and economy. Fossil fuels used to not have that big of an impact, then when Henry Ford made the first car - problems began to surface. Laws had to be made to make sure we wouldn't over pollute, causing global warming. "Fossil fuels, like coal, oil, and natural gas, provide the energy that powers our lifestyles and our economy" (Iowa Public Television). ...read more.


In the crisis of 1970, foreign countries refused to trade oil for political purposes and the gas had to be rationed. (Iowa Public Television) There is an intricate design of pipes underground that pump gas to the gas stations. This is like a barrier that stops us from changing from fossil fuels to alternate fuel sources. Fossil fuels are cheap, easy to drill, and abundant. These benefits make it seem like they are the best source of energy, but it's not. ...read more.


The United States government set up rules so that the pollution wouldn't get too out of control. However, the climate temperature has increased greatly in the past decade. (Clean Energy) The United States economy is also greatly impacted because of fossil fuels. "Total fossil fuel use in the United States has increased 20-fold in the last 4 decades. In the US, we consume 20 to 30 times more fossil fuel energy per capita than people in developing nations" (Pfeiffer). Basically, if we stopped using fossil fuels and started investing in different energy sources, then our economy would go into a major slump. It may even decline to be another depression. ...read more.

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