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GCSE: Human Geography

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  1. Global warming

    Some of them being: * Methane, (13%) * Nitrous Oxide, (15%) * Fluorocarbone, (5%) * Water vapour. These trap energy from the sun, creating a blanket around the Earth, which prevents heat escaping back into space. Without these gases the Earth would be much colder,(33 degrees Celsius) which would make it practically impossible for humans to survive, but if the blanket of greenhouse gases became thicker it would make the Earth much warmer than normal, potentially causing a lot of serious problems not just for humans but nature and animals too.

    • Word count: 3159
  2. Free essay

    Attractions in Durham

    Location Map Figure 1 Applied Understanding. I am going to investigate Durham's popularity of services and facilities and why people come into Durham from far away and surrounding areas. Durham is situated 20 miles to the south of Newcastle and 13 miles to the south west of Sunderland, England. The River Wear flows north through the city, making an incised meander which encloses the centre on three sides to create Durham's "peninsula", also Durham cathedral dominates the skyline. The steep riverbanks are densely wooded, adding to the picturesque beauty of the city.

    • Word count: 4411
  3. Effects of the local Tesco Superstore

    Places like Victoria Wine and Hawg & Herps have simply changed their names. Other smaller businesses such as C&G mobile coms are liable to go out of business; South Wigston seems to be the kind of place to buy a cheap shop to try and get a business off of the ground, this is another reason for the rapid turnover. A lot of these shops, it is unsure to say if Tesco has had any affect on. Some of the shops have been demolished and turned into accommodation; maybe this is because it is hard for those services to be noticed down such streets or because there is a demand for accommodation, or possibly even a mixture of the two!

    • Word count: 4349
  4. Is there a Shopping heirarchy in Brent

    The following are the questions (most with choices) covered in the questionnaire, which individuals will be asked at each shopping centre. This will assist in investigating and answering the main questions mentioned above. 1. How often do you shop here? Regularly weekly sometimes rarely 2. What do you shop for? Clothes jewellery Food Other 3. How much do you spend on your shopping? �5 - �10 �10 - �50 �50 - �100 �100+ 4. What transport did you use to get here? Car Walk Bus Cycle 5. Do you think that the environment affects were you shop? Yes No 6.

    • Word count: 5815
  5. It was a selfish idea to build the long groyne at hengistbury head

    For example, the south coast of England is the most attacked coastline in the world, why should only one part be protected? What about the rest? Furthermore, Hengistbury Head is not only a friendly, bustling residential area, but also a popular tourist attraction, over 1,000,000 people visit HH every year, the groyne was very expensive, and needs maintaining, the money could have been spent on other things in the area to make it better for the those who live there and to make it better for, and attract more tourists.

    • Word count: 4114
  6. Enquiry: Investigation into Retail.

    'Meadowhall's Christmas Map' leaflet - map of Meadowhall 2. There is a more even distribution of shoppers. None 3. Shopping quality and street appearance is similar throughout. None 4. Out of town shopping centres attract people from a much wider area than Rotherham or Parkgate. Questionnaires (stapled together) OVERALL CONCLUSION Rotherham Town Centre (CBD): The Rotherham CBD is in the top left box of the map below, represented by the orange arrow. It has easy access from the M1 (coming off junction 33, and then going along the A630 to the CBD), and also has easy access from the M18 (coming off junction 1, and then going along the A631).

    • Word count: 8448
  7. Free essay
  8. Is Dungannon at the higher end of the settlement hierarchy than Coalisland?

    The canal finally closed in 1946 as they used Lorries as a better method of transport for their goods. This was because Lorries could transport the goods much faster and safer. In 1954 the canal was officially abandoned and had a relegated status as a drainage ditch. The closure of the canal was a huge downfall for Coalisland as it stopped all connections from trading to a lot of other industries. Coalisland railway station was opened on the 28th of July 1897 and closed for passenger traffic on the 16th of January 1956.

    • Word count: 3053
  9. Geography coursework- colchester town

    * The Commuter Zone is the bit outside the city where wealthy people live and can travel to work. They often live in the outlying rural areas and villages. Hoyt This land use model has sector like wedges which are influenced by two factors; * Physical factors: some industries follow valley floors or have mountain near by them which would impede them being a Burgess Model town. * Communication Factors: industries would erect beside railway lines, rivers and main roads to transport goods and to catch the passing traffic.

    • Word count: 4001
  10. Settlements in and around the Uttlesford District

    Range - How far people will travel to reach their destination. I believe the people of villages or hamlets will travel greater distances to reach desired services - especially 'comparison goods'. This is because the smaller settlements won't be able to support the full range of services required. Threshold population - Minium number of people needed to ensure that the demand is great enough for a service. As Saffron Walden is the only small town that I am ultimatley studying in the Uttlesford District it is most likely to maintain the popular chain and specialist services.

    • Word count: 8952
  11. Why should Amazonia be protected?

    It is extremely important for the allowance of the Amazonian rainforest to survive and be able to thrive. Climate; The rainforest climate is hot, wet and sticky - very humid; so consequently it rains at roughly a set period of the day, every day. The rain comes down suddenly and stops just as suddenly. Which is renowned as convectional rainfall; meaning that the Sun heats the ground, which heats the air nearest the ground causing it to expand and rise.

    • Word count: 3245
  12. Windsor Investigation

    Tourism is vital for many countries; this is mainly due to the income generated by the consumption of goods and services by tourists, the taxes imposed on businesses in the tourism industry, and the opportunity for employment in the service industries associated with tourism. These service industries include transportation services such as cruise ships and taxis, accommodation such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues, and other hospitality industry services such as spas and resorts. Other benefits include things such as preservation and celebration of local festivals and cultural events.

    • Word count: 4330
  13. geography settlement

    castles or cathedrals). Remember to quote grid references when using map evidence in an exam. You can revise this in the Map Skills section. Settlement site and situation The actual piece of land upon which a settlement is built is known as the settlement site. There are many reasons why a certain site might be chosen for the development of a settlement. Some factors will be more important than others. How many attractive features can you spot in the map of Southampton below? When you are studying a map of a settlement, such as Southampton above, look for reasons why it is there.

    • Word count: 3385
  14. Retail Coursework

    The town is also linked to the motorway network with the M66 to the east of the town. Changes in retail trends have caused the Millgate Shopping Centre to produce significant change in recent years. The shopping area has become enclosed, to protect shoppers from the weather, and the centre is continually updated to retain its attractive appearance, with details such as flower boxes and large benches. The Millgate Centre's popularity has remained high as more people are choosing to go to supermarkets and local shopping centres with the increase of ownership of cars, higher wages and more flexible working hours.

    • Word count: 10089
  15. Is there s shop and service hierarchy in north London?

    Harrow: st Georges and st Anns Harrow is a big area with many shops, it has a lot of space, although there are always a lot of people and it does get crowded. The shops are mostly high order, which means that a lot of the goods are very expensive and are made in batch production. The Shopping centre has a small bus station right next to the shops, with many busses going in and out. The busses include: 223, 340, 350, H9, H10, H11, H17, H18 A few busses passing through the area are: 114, 140, 182, 183, 186, 258, 640, H14, N18.

    • Word count: 3824
  16. Geography Coursework

    We had collected these pieces of data to test against hypothesis we made. Southgate originated as a small settlement which developed up in the North West corner of Edmonton parish along the southern boundary of Enfield Chase. The name derived from the south gate of Enfield Chase which stood roughly where Chase Road now joins Winchmore Hill Road. Slightly to the south another small settlement, known as South Street, grew up around Southgate Green. The two settlements were eventually linked by ribbon development along what is now Southgate High Street. The name, South Street, gradually fell out of use during the 19th century.

    • Word count: 4549
  17. Transport In Guildford

    A sustainable city has a lasting supply of the natural resources on which its development depends (using them only at a level of sustainable yield). A sustainable city maintains a lasting security from environmental hazards which may threaten development achievements (allowing only for acceptable risk)." Examples of sustainable transport systems that have already been used in the UK are: * The Park and Ride service from Guildford Town Centre to Guildford University and Guildford Spectrum. * The Hopper bus designed specifically to take elderly people to a destination of their choice.

    • Word count: 3677
  18. Bangor Northern Ireland

    Light industry also exists. A notable building in the town is Bangor Old Custom House. The name Bangor from the town as we know it, was derived from the Gaelic name 'Beannchor' which is in turn derived from 'beanna' (peaks) and 'chor' (curve) which scholars presume to be Bangor Bay. Irish place names link us with former inhabitants. The meaning of the name 'Bangor' has often caused discussion. For the ancients, the sea was the great highway. Movement by land was difficult and dangerous. So the theory that the name 'Bangor' comes from the shape of Bangor Bay's headlands, in Irish 'pointed like horns,' is the most convincing.

    • Word count: 4057
  19. Geography of haiti.

    It provides help and advice as well as funds to countries experiencing balance of payments problem. The IMF gets its funds from its 184 member states called "quotas". Quota determined by the economic size of the member state. World Bank An agency of the United Nation. It has a group of five organisations which focuses on providing funds for projects aimed at alleviating poverty, inequality and promoting development and has 184 member states. International Bank for reconstruction and development(IBRD): Provides loans and advice to poor countries to assist development. The international development association (IDA): Offering interest free credits and grants to countries who are not able to borrow through normal market channels.

    • Word count: 7679
  20. Investigation into the impact of tourism on Croyde and Newquay

    I am trying to find out what and how tourism effects these two holiday destinations. I would have preferred to take some results a few years ago and see how Newquay or Croyde have developed because of tourism but this was not possible so instead I will compare the two. Here are two maps showing the places I have studied. My objective in order to help me find out what I need to find are as follow: * To find out how many tourists visit for what reason. * How far and how people travel to visit these areas.

    • Word count: 4345
  21. Tourism In Windsor

    Transport would be essential for being able to move from place to place properly. Most tourists like to shop for souvenirs so shops would be seen as something important for tourists if they wanted a reminder of their visit. Good accommodation such as hotels and places to eat, e.g. a fast food restaurant is what tourists would also need. Friendly people and a good, safe environment would also be something required by many tourists. A good place to live would require, first of all, houses to live in, good, clean, quiet environment. Families would want satisfactory schools for their children.

    • Word count: 4620
  22. Geography Tourism Coursework

    I will use my class notes and secondary data including graphs and statistics to do this. I will also write about tourism in the U.K, tourism worldwide and the benefits and costs of tourism worldwide. I will also show the possible benefits and costs for Cromer because of tourism. Methodology- My methodology is basically explanations of all my surveys and why they were relevant to my case study. This will include how I collected my data and why I collected certain data. I will also explain how my data links back to my enquiry questions. My methodology will include location maps showing where I collected some data and asked interviews, as well as copies of my surveys.

    • Word count: 8090
  23. The Quality of the Urban Environment in Makati Degrades With Distance from the Central Business District

    Around Glorietta, there are many office buildings, headquarters of transnational and local companies. This is very similar to the structure of the CBD. At site, one I expect to find a high pedestrian count, as the CBD is the central hub for jobs. * Urdaneta and Bel-Air are high-class villages for residential housing. I expect to find a low housing density as most houses have gardens and are of a substantial size. In the two sites, I expect the sound levels to be very low; villages tend to be quiet places, the houses are gates.

    • Word count: 4595
  24. Geography Courswork

    As Ilford was a rapidly developing area, a lot of changes were being made to the original town. From 1938 when the population was 166,000 to 2000 when the population was a bit over 200,000, this shows a rapid increase in the population, mainly because of the fast development. The increase of the population also brought in some businessmen and investors who were very fascinated; these businessmen started investing in Ilford and made up new business. One of the main entertainment facilities was built in 1997 which was the Ilford cineworld. This was built on the grounds where the old Ilford car park used to be.

    • Word count: 3475
  25. Free essay

    Does the 'quality of life' vary in Enfield?

    Suburbs are the perfectly place for older people to retire and settle down. They are also a place for younger people because they can be affordable and practical. Using Models A model is a representation of a typical city. There are various models created by different people who have different ideas as to how a city tends to be structured. Most cities (especially older ones) were not designed to form a pattern. Newer areas such as Milton Keynes were planned out perfectly so that there was a network of straight roads.

    • Word count: 3500

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