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GCSE: Human Geography

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  1. Conflict in the rainforest - what does each group want?

    The carbon-oxygen cycle consists of a series of events that turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. This is key as we always breathe out carbon dioxide, so do vehicles and factories as it is a waste product of burning fuel. With all this carbon dioxide in the air we will all suffocate and global warming will occur. That is why if you chop down trees or plants this will happen. Scientists believe that the Amazon rainforest alone creates about one quarter of Earth?s oxygen. A rainforest tree may have produced the oxygen that you are breathing right now.

    • Word count: 3079
  2. World Cities - notes on the development of Mumbai and other great cities.

    growth people from the countryside seeking work, skilled and menial ? First developed area on a peninsular surrounded by sea now is a restriction ? The port is known as the ?Gateway to India? and has become very industrialised, processing goods for exports and handing imports ? A variety of services grew up in the area due and the city grew to the British rule and now it continues to grow ? Banking finance and insurance sectors allowed Mumbai to become India?s centre of finance.

    • Word count: 5670
  3. Population ( Demographic Transition Model) and Q and A on rivers

    The population starts to increase rapidly. Reasons for the falling BR include improved public health, better nutrition. Counties that fit this stage include Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Kenya. Stage 3(late expanding) declining birth rates and low death rates. Population growth slows down. Reasons for the falling Br include increased personal wealth, family planning, and compulsory schooling making rearing of children expensive. Countries in this stage include Brazil, China. Stage 4(low fluctuation) Low BR & DR which fluctuate, fertility also begins to fall. This could be due to increased career opportunities for women, people having leisure interests so children aren?t a priority.

    • Word count: 3063
  4. Letter from Japan, I quite like the lessons in my new school, some of them are the same as Scottish school lessons but I do get taught some traditional Japanese arts

    I have made a few friends here, but most of the people in our school don?t talk much English, apart from the stuff they?ve learnt in English class, but that doesn?t really make a very good conversation. My parents are thinking about hiring a Japanese tutor for me and my brother, so we can get on better in school and stuff, since we do live in a Japanese speaking part of Japan. In school, the English speaking kids do get taken out of some classes for some Japanese lessons but my parents still think I would benefit from a private tutor?you know what they?re like.

    • Word count: 3256

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