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Human Immunodeficiency Virus

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) have been around for a few decades with more and more people getting the disease, especially in and around the area of Africa with 25 million people infected. HIV is spread through the transfusion of contaminated blood, by used of contaminated needles, unprotected sex, children born with it from an infected mother by womb or breast feeding or in general, the mixing of a body fluid with someone who has HIV. There are approximately 35,500,000 people in the world affected with AIDS or HIV, the worst place being Africa with over 25 million people followed by Asia with 6.5 million. Roughly 22 million people have died to date due to AIDS and this number will be increasing quite rapidly especially in Africa due to the lack of teaching about protected sex. Most men have more than 1 partner in Africa especially due to their occupations in the mines of which you will hear more of in an Interview with a 14 year old boy called Daniel in Uganda. ...read more.


I sometimes go to fish and bring some back to eat and then go to the roadside to sell the rest of which I have left. I also have to walk for our water. It is common for the lady of the house to however with my mum in the condition she is, she can't walk for many metres never mind miles. Times: How has HIV affected your family? Daniel: Sometimes my dad, my sisters and I don't get much or any sleep because my mum is keeping us awake. My dad now keeps everything to himself. A few months ago I heard him talking to his brother mentioning that he had AIDS; however he did not tell me. This makes me quite upset because our family does not talk much anymore. With my mum too ill to work, we get less food and so we will have a lower life expectancy. Also, when my sister caught a different disease, the hospitals couldn't help her for a long time because they were too busy dealing with people with AIDS and HIV. ...read more.


We practise the different jobs we can do to earn money and learn how to help our parents, siblings or friends if they are in need. Times: Thank you so much for your time Daniel and I wish you good luck. We brought you a little present from Times. We hope you enjoy it. Daniel: You're very welcome. Thanks for seeing me! Many boys and girls are in the same situation as Daniel. There are, as Daniel explained, some solutions being put into place however there are some more a scientist had recently said. Already, tribal leaders of men in Africa explain to their men that they need to be faithful to their spouse. They need to wear contraception and not have any relationship with any other woman who may have AIDS. The scientist also said that the village could open up more hospitals with help of funds donated by charities. These hospitals could give contraception, free tests and pillows to slow down their death. Currently in Daniel's village, some women are given small loans to set up their own business so that they do not have to sell their bodies to sex tourists. To donate to the NAT, visit: http://www.nat.org.uk/ ...read more.

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