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Hypotheses: Woking has all the characteristics of a typical CBD Woking's CBD is going through a period of physical growth in all directions

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Woking GCSE Project Aim: does Woking have a CBD? Hypotheses: 1. Woking has all the characteristics of a typical CBD 2. Woking's CBD is going through a period of physical growth in all directions 3. Woking has an extensive sphere of influence, which reflects its important place in the regional shopping hierarchy We will test these hypotheses by carrying out some activities to prove or disprove the hypotheses. We are doing a project to find out about Woking's CBD, we are going to do many activities to try and find out a whole range of data which give us an incite into Woking's CBD and what its like. A CBD is the central business district- the main shopping place in a settlement. It is normally in the centre of a settlement and is where most people will go to shop. The bigger it is and the bigger the settlement the bigger the 'sphere of influence' - the distance that people travel to go there to shop. Methods: Pedestrians Counts * Made a gate across the shop front * Counted the amount of people who went in and out for five minutes * It was done so we could to see how busy the ...read more.


and graphs of questions The sphere of influence is not exceptionally big. I do no think that it is high in the regional shopping hierarchy as it is surrounded by bigger competitors such as Kingston, Staines, Guilford and other big towns. Also although it was in the morning it was not very crowded even in the main shopping centres. This shows that not too many people come to shop there, I think most shoppers will live in or very near to Woking. Method Sample Size Sampling Technique Time Conditions Land Use Survey CBD Systematic a.m. Fine Pedestrian Count 15 locations 3x at different times Random 10.00 11.00 11.45 Fine Questionnaire 45 Random a.m. Fine Shopping Quality & Street Appearance N/A Systematic a.m. Fine Rate Index 15 Systematic a.m. Fine Conclusion: Through the results that I obtained going to Woking, I can now conclude that; Woking has some of the characteristics of a CBD, but not all, it has * Land values are irregular as some are very low and some are very high ( Sainsbury's and boots) * A train station right by it although this blocks any growth past it and bus stations * There are pedestrians areas around the shopping places * ...read more.


For the questionnaire I found that mostly only old people stopped for us presumably because they had the time and we not busy, this may have made the results bias. For the street appearance and shopping quality, we had to make our own judgment ton what it was with no real guidelines on what the scoring system was and other peoples judgment may have been very different meaning the results could be wrong. The results were as accurate as we could make them, but due to flaws in the methods they could be affected. But we performed the exercises to the best of our abilities, and we interpreted them correctly. I think that if the project hade been performed on a weekend day or in the afternoon then the results would be considerable different. If it was done in a different CBD then the results would also been different depending on the size and popularity of the CBD. I would improve the project by adjusting the methods to get rid of any flaws and I would do it twice or three times on different days at three different times. Also I would give more time as there was a big lack of that. ?? ?? ?? ?? Woking Project 2006 By Jo Berry ...read more.

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