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Hypothesis 1 for Geography coursework

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Hypothesis 1 People buy high order goods in Cardiff where as in Tredegar they buy low order goods. High order goods are items that are not bought often and can be very expensive e.g. cars and beds where as low order goods are items that are usually needed regularly and that tend to less expensive e.g. bread and milk. The high order goods we included in our questionnaire were: * Furniture * Electrical items * Clothes The low order goods we included in our questionnaire were: * Newspapers * Milk * Food I believe that most people who shop in Tredegar will buy their low order goods locally due to the problems of the transport of the bags that may become heavy and bulky especially when buying food likes fruit and vegetables. ...read more.


I think this is because Tredegar is a small town where people will go to buy their convenience goods. A GRAPH TO SHOW WHERE THE SHOPPERS TRAVELLED FROM You can see that a lot of the shoppers questioned in Tredegar were actually residents of the town. I think this is because Tredegar is a small town with small shops that can have a limited amount of stock available. Results of Cardiff Questionnaire A GRAPH TO SHOW THE DIFFERENT ITEMS BOUGHT From the above graph you can see that only 5% of the shoppers questioned went to Cardiff buy their newspapers. My graph also shows that 40% of them were there to buy clothes. I think this is because of the wider range of stock available. ...read more.


From the graph above you can see that a lot of the shoppers questioned didn't live there. I think this is because Cardiff has a large Central Business District (CBD) which is full of shops and offices. CONCLUSION From the data I have collected and recorded using the questionnaires I think that my hypothesis is correct. From doing this I have found out that most people go to Tredegar to buy convenience goods where as they go to Cardiff to buy clothes. Another thing I have found is that only 2% of the shoppers in Tredegar were buying furniture and only 5% of the shoppers in Cardiff were buying newspapers. This tells me that Cardiff is a large city where people will visit for a day out or a shopping trip. Kelly Clark ...read more.

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