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Hypothesis of Geography Coursework

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Hypothesis 3 That people who shop in Cardiff are more satisfied with the facilities available than they are with those in Tredegar I believe that people who shop in Cardiff are more satisfied with the facilities such as cafes, restaurants and parking that are available than the shoppers are with those in Tredegar. I think this because Cardiff is a large city that attracts tourists; it is a centre of commerce and has many shopping complexes. Therefore the local council may have an interest in keeping visitors to the city happy as they bring money into the town which in turn keeps the traders happy as they will make money. To get the shoppers opinions we included a multiple choice question in our questionnaire. ...read more.


CAFES AND RESTAURANTS It can be seen from the graph above that 80% of the shoppers questioned in Tredegar were satisfied or very satisfied with the cafes and restaurants in the town. It can also be seen that 90% of the shoppers questioned in Cardiff were satisfied or very satisfied. I think more people were satisfied in Cardiff because there is a lot more choice available. Cardiff also has a lot more restaurants where people can go for a business discussion over a meal whereas Tredegar's eating places are mostly cafes with a few pubs that serve meals. I think this is because there is not enough business here to support higher class restaurants. QUALITY OF SERVICE IN SHOPS As you can see from the graph above 82% of the shoppers questioned in Tredegar were satisfied with the quality of the service in the shops. ...read more.


This may be because of the high parking fees you have to pay in Cardiff and the limited amount of spaces. Another reason could be that some people are not keen in parking in multi-storey car parks and others may not like the distance from the car parks to the shops. CONCLUSION Looking at these graphs I have found that people questioned felt the worst problem in Tredegar was litter with 74% being dissatisfied or very dissatisfied. I have also found that the people in Cardiff said the worst problem in Tredegar was parking as 48% of people questioned were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied. These graphs also show me that the questions and responses would need to be looked at in a little more detail to prove or disprove my hypothesis. This is because I have found that the responses from both areas are very similar. Kelly Clark ...read more.

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