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Hypothesis one - Stratford has a larger sphere of influence than Evesham.

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Hypothesis one Stratford has a larger sphere of influence than Evesham. The results I collected from the Stratford questionnaire have a wider range of places from which come, which shows Stratford has a larger sphere of influence than Evesham, which showed a small range of places. For Stratford 11 people were local (55%) and for Evesham 14 people (70%) were local, which shows there is 15% less tourism in Evesham. More tourists and a wider range of places from which they visit again confirms that Stratford has a larger sphere of influence. The average distance travelled to, Evesham was 537.23km and 955.31km to Stratford upon Avon. Stratford appeals more tourists because it offers more services and attractions. It is an important place for English heritage and is very famous for being the birthplace of the famous play script writer; William Shakespeare and also home to his family. The river Avon with its canal boat restaurant also appeals to tourists. ...read more.


The parks are filled with tourists and teenagers and children have less space to play football or other sports. Old people are discouraged from walking on the streets as they are too busy, there are no clubs for them because bingo clubs do not appeal to tourists as they can go to clubs anywhere. Locally owned fish and chip bars and small shops will be forced to move as the rent increases and replaced with McDonalds and large stores selling comparative goods. More waste is created as there are more people, the waste has to be transported to be disposed of this again adds to congestion. If the waste is placed into landfill it can contaminate water sources. Incinerating the waste adds carbon dioxide to the air which, being a greenhouse gas, contributes to global warming. To solve the problem of congestion the council could introduce a park and ride system like used in Worcester, this is where tourists park their vehicles on a guarded car park that is out of town and then drive into town on a bus. ...read more.


Certain limitations of collecting the results may have caused less accuracy. Collecting 20 samples from each area was not enough to get an accurate idea of who was visiting and why one hundred samples would have been more accurate as it would be interviewing 0.5% of the population as taking 20 from each area is only 0.1%. If I had more time and a team of people interviewing I could have done this. The age range also could have been more specific, most people from Stratford fitted into the age range "61+" which doesn't tell us the exact ages of those people. I only conducted the questionnaire on one day for each place between 11.30am and 2.15pm to get a better idea of the types of people in the areas I should have conducted the questionnaire earlier; before people go to school or work, also the results may have differed on a weekend when there are more local people shopping, despite this I think that my results were enough on which to base a conclusion. ...read more.

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