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Hypothesis two - Buxton has a larger sphere of influence than Chorlton.

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My second hypothesis: Buxton has a larger sphere of influence than Chorlton. Firstly I used the most obvious data, the where have you come from question from the questionnaire and the distance band diagram. Higher order center would be expected to have a larger sphere of influence as people are willing to travel further for comparison goods and high order services. Buxton should show that people come from as far as around 20 miles on average whereas Chorlton people travel not more than 2 miles on average to get to the centre. It must be remembered that Buxton is a spa and tourist town which will have some influence on the distance people are willing to travel. The distance band diagram show how many people fit into the distance bands which are circles drawn to scale to show distances for the centre. This will aid in analyzing the range of each centre. It can be seen clearly that there are more people in the distance bands further away form the centre in Buxton again showing that the rage is much larger for a higher order centre. ...read more.


Firstly I looked at the percentage of people who had car tax disks in the centre itself. In Buxton 28% of the cars came from Buxton but in Chorlton 26% of the cars came from Chorlton. This evidence suggests my hypothesis is wrong. These anomalies may be because I did my survey on a weekday and maybe people with cars from Chorlton weren't there as they were at work in the city centre and the main industrial areas. I also looked at the environmental survey to also try to prove the hypothesis. This links with the sphere of influence as a higher score shows it needs to be attractive which shows there are more comparison shops, as these shops have a low population threshold and need to attract the people to come more often as they visit infrequently. People who shop at comparison shops tend to come from further away as they are buying luxury goods and search from place to place to find the best deals as the goods can be very expensive. This then suggests there is a bigger sphere of influence. ...read more.


This shows that Buxton has attracted more than locals so therefore has a bigger sphere of influence compared with Chorlton. This data proves hypothesis two is true. Another piece of evidence I looked at was the How have you traveled her question from the questionnaire. This links as people who have used motorized forms of transport such as cars, trains or buses suggests that they have traveled large distances as it was too far to walk. This would then suggest that there is a big sphere of influence as they have traveled longer distances. Similarly if the most used forms of transport were methods such as on foot or bike it suggests they have not traveled a long distance and therefore the sphere of influence would be smaller. In Buxton 73% of shopper used a motorized form of transport and 27% did not. In Chorlton 69% of the people used non-motorized methods of transport and 31% used a motorized from of transport. This shows that people traveling to Buxton used motorized methods so must therefore be traveling longer distances than people in Chorlton so there Buxton resulting in a bigger sphere of influence. This evidence would then prove my second hypothesis. ...read more.

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