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I am going to investigate burgess land use model and relate it to Blaydon. I aim to establish if Burgess Model is an appropriate device to use when investigating towns nowadays

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I am going to investigate burgess land use model and relate it to Blaydon. I aim to establish if Burgess Model is an appropriate device to use when investigating towns nowadays. I started my investigation by going to Blaydon town centre to record the different types of and use. I then walked up the streets of Blaydon until I reached the periphery. I tested three hypotheses. They were land use, housing age and the quality of life. I have done this by stopping every one hundred metres and using the given area as a sample site. I recorded thirty sample sites in total. ...read more.


I recorded this information on an A3 map of the area with the transect route marked on. As I walked to each sample site, I recorded the information on the map by annotating it. I did this by marking specific points on the map e.g. the car wash and petrol station. The only major problem with this part of the data collection was determining if certain properties were industrial or residential. Also in this investigation, we aimed to test the hypothesis "Housing age will become younger with increasing distance from the CBD". To test this hypothesis, we needed to find out the age of houses and their position in relation to the CBD of Blaydon. ...read more.


I recorded this information using an environmental survey sheet, and then used that information to create a bar chart. The bar chart will show all the information collected, this bar chart will be included in the Data Presentation. Overall, this investigation worked well and I recorded all the data required. I aimed to establish if the Burgess land use model is relevant in towns today. I done this by using my hypothesises to test whether housing age, quality of life and land use will all change when increasing distance from the CBD. The only problem we encountered was when we rotated jobs, the results varied as it relied on people's opinions which will differ. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mark Barrett Methodology ...read more.

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