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I am going to write a newspaper article about my town, it is called Luton.

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Newspaper Report I am going to write a newspaper article about my town, it is called Luton. It is thirty miles north of London. And has a population of around 187000 people. Its main features are the airport, which is currently being extended and the Vauxhall factory. The area, which I live in, is called Wigmore. It is on the very edge of the town and backs onto the countryside. There are a number of small villages beyond Wigmore, Tea Green, which has a small golf course, and Cockernhoe, which has a small junior school. They both have very few houses, as well as a church and of course a pub. All of the houses down my road are either four or three bed-roomed houses. ...read more.


It also has a music and video store which has a number of top of the chart products as well as a large archive of old music and videos. And all of this at exceptionally low prices. If you go slightly further than ASDA then you will reach Ashcroft area, this is where my School is. My school is an I.T communications college which means that its main interest is I.T. Every student has an identification code which is used in Exams and also allows you to access your own personal file on the I.T network. The school also caters for all of the other national qualifications such as Science, Maths, English, Languages, Humanities, Arts and Physical Education. The school also provides a school diner; this can be eaten in the main hall if you are in no rush and want a nice lunch, or you can eat in the cafeteria for fast food. ...read more.


There is also a Newspaper Report number of offices and factories that have been there for a very long time, they are referred to as the twilight zone. There are also a number of nightclubs and popular pubs for those in need of a little bit more mature fun. On a Saturday night the town centre would be swarming with young clubbers up for a good night, trouble quite often occurs though as a lot of the younger people take advantage of their alcoholic rights. Last of all Luton has its own football club, once of the premiership, but now they are in division two. Their ground is in the town centre and there are a number of jobs made by the football ground, from catering staff and the ticket office to coaching and kit sponsers. Robert Reynolds Mr Bathurst 8369 15215 ...read more.

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