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I think the hypothesis of the CBD was a good place to start because it helped me to concentrate on the important things from the investigation, it also kept me focused and I had something to aim for.

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Chapter 5 Evaluation I think the hypothesis of the CBD was a good place to start because it helped me to concentrate on the important things from the investigation, it also kept me focused and I had something to aim for. Questionnaire The questionnaire was an important method because by asking the public a range of questions it created lots of data. Although it was good some people could have answered twice which would have caused me to double up my results. I did a sample size of 50, which was too small; I should have done 100. Somepeople refused to answer the questionnaire that meant my results would have changed in a big way. Somepeople may not have known the area aswell so could have guessed for some questions. These things could have been improved by having a larger sample size of 100. Doing the questionnaire in parts on different days, which would have shown a more spread out set of results. ...read more.


The problem with these results were that people could have lost count and counted the same person several times. The 10 minute count was quite a short one which could have been changed in a big way. The 10-minute count was only for that 10 minutes, which leaves a big gap in the rest of the day. It could have been improved by having a longer count, you could have two people at the same spot to see how accurate their results were, it could have been done for 10 minutes every day of the week at different times of the day. Shop Count Our fourth method was a shop count this was to find how many low and high ordered goods there were. We found over 50 different types. There were some shops that were missed and some shops that were mis-classified and put into the wrong group, the results were not perfect but they were acceptable, the results couldn't be very accurate because there were some shops being built (zone of improvement). ...read more.


Another aspect I could have done was a car park survey on Saturday morning got my results, then I could have gone back on Wednesday evening and got a different set of results. This method could be improved by taking a car park survey at area 1 on a Saturday morning, then returning to the same car park and doing the same sample size comparing the results and drawing a graph. Conclusion I think my conclusions about Weymouth CBD were true because I think I've got the evidence to prove it, the CBD is important, it is attractive and we can see where it ends. The conclusions may not be 100% true because we had some problems with the methods, which gave us problems in the results, which affected the conclusions. If we did this study again and made the methods more precise and accurate then the results and conclusions would be better aswell. If a student did this study in Cardiff they should find a CBD but it might not be as important or attractive. ...read more.

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