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I would like to tell you my views on the inward migration of workers to the UK and whether it has a positive or negative effect on our country

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´╗┐Dear Editor, I would like to tell you my views on the inward migration of workers to the UK and whether it has a positive or negative effect on our country. The UK is affected by the EU as the EU has said that members of the European Union can work in countries that also belong to the EU. In 2004, eight new countries joined. In the two years that followed, 600,000 workers came to the UK as no policy was put into place by the British government on foreign workers. However, in 2007, just after Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU, the UK government introduced a policy that limited the amount of foreign workers coming into the country. We can tell that most workers are polish because when they joined the EU in 2004 the statistics on foreign workers shot up. On the UK's population pyramid, there are more men aged from around 20-40 which could be due to people coming to work and send the money home to their families. ...read more.


Workers coming here leave a cultural stamp - such as shops and food. Some things can be a problem. Some migrants don't speak very good English which can prove a problem for children in schools, teachers and employers. Migrants don't take advantage of being able to stay in this country and they are three times more law-abiding than the average British citizen. There are many effects on the UK's economy from migration. Migrants contribute loads of money towards the UK's economy. In 2007 polish migrants contributed £1.9 billion to the govern in tax and national insurance. The shops that they set up bring in a lot of money that is spent in our economy. Migrant workers are happy to do jobs which British citizens are not content with doing so jobs get done more effectively. This means that employers get a job done quickly and efficiently and they get the most money out of it as the workers are happy with minimum wage. ...read more.


But if they don?t, I think it will cause both good and bad points. It will bring the UK more rich culture and foods which will cause a good impact on social aspects and economic aspects. But it will make valuable resources limited and many British nationals will suffer with unemployment etc. I think that ideas could work in controlling the amount of migrants that the UK. : - A test which determines whether they have the language skills needed to work over in the UK and whether they have enough knowledge of the country -They should only be able to come to the country with either a job offer, interview or high hope of a job in the near future. -Limited amount of benefits for migrants as it will give them the incentive to get a job and won't encourage people to move here because the benefit system is so easy. -Make sure they have a good amount of qualifications. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my views. ...read more.

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