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If global warming is happening, what is causing it and who or what is responsible for it? The facts on global warming need to be known before concluding on the issue.

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Contents Page number Abstract 1 Introduction 1 What is global warming? 2 What causes global warming? 3 What are the impacts of global warming? 5 Are humans to blame for causing global warming? 6 Conclusion 9 Bibliography 10 Abstract If global warming is happening, what is causing it and who or what is responsible for it? The facts on global warming need to be known before concluding on the issue. There is more evidence to say that global is happening so humans should take measures to prevent global warming taking its toll. Introduction "This is the largest single event in a series of retreats by ice shelves in the peninsula over the last 30 years." (Internet, 12th April 2002) news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/sci/tech/newsid_1880000/1880566.stm This quote is from the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre. On the 19th of March 2002, a gigantic Antarctic ice shelf broke apart in less than a month. In 1998, researchers from the British Antarctic Survey predicted that a few ice shelves in the peninsula would not last due to the increasing temperature in the area. However, they were alarmed at the rate at which it happened. This is not the only sign of global warming. We are also experiencing changes in the climate, unusual weather patterns, sea levels rising, and desertification. What is global warming? What is causing global warming? Scientists are saying that we are contributing a lot towards the changing climate. ...read more.


There are expected to be changes that not even the most sophisticated technology in the world will be able to predict. It is expected that developing countries will be hit the hardest because they do not have many resources to deal with the extreme changes that are predicted to occur. The temperature is expected to rise so many more people are expected to become vulnerable to malaria. It is possible that some species and their habitats will be extinct if the climate changes. Tropical forests and rainforests are expected to die. However, according to a report by the government, forests may grow in North America, North Asia and China. Map of temperature rise (internet, 21st April 2002) www.defra.gov.uk/environment/climatechange/schools/12-16/xtrainfo/e.htm This map shows how much the temperature is expected to rise over the world. The temperature is expected to mostly rise in the Northern Hemisphere, around the North Pole. This means that the ice caps will melt so the sea level will rise. On the 19th March 2002, UK scientists announced that a part of the Larsen B shelf on the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula had broken up into small icebergs. This was expected to happen but not at an alarming rate. It has been predicted that it will be easier to grow crops in some countries so their yield will increase. Some countries will find it harder to grow crops because of the harsh climate. ...read more.


I also went on some government websites to get some graphs and pictures which are relevant to this report. Firstly, pictures help to make the concept clearer. Graphs are a very good source of evidence as one can pick out many points to argue from a graph. Furthermore, diagrams make the report more attractive to look at. I found the article on the ice shelf breaking on the BBC website. This is a very good example, proving the case of global warming. The only flaw with the website is that it is sensationalist so people have to be careful in the information they select. I thought that the graph showing the ice age was a vital part of my research because it argues that humans are not responsible for causing global warming as there was a time when the temperature was higher than it is at present. The global climate is always changing. After carrying out a thorough research, I have come to the personal conclusion that humans are to blame for causing global warming as there is a lot more evidence which suggests that global warming is taking place, like the rise in emission of carbon, leading to higher temperatures. I am partly to blame like everyone else because it is not only one or two people doing this, it is all of us. All of us pollute the environment, and I believe that many people suffer because we are polluting the air. However, I do wonder whether scientists are just hyping up global warming to make themselves money. ...read more.

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