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Impact of India

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Austin Boling Instructor Rick Schneider GEOG-1113 1 December 2009 The Impact of India Globalization is hardly a new force affecting India. To think so is to ignore a diverse and long-standing civilization that was shaped by a long list of invading cultures that became what we now know as India. Long viewed by the West, as poor and impoverished, to its neighbors such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan, India is wealthy and powerful. To these smaller neighbors, India is a great power, which expects deference from them and is sometimes angered when those nations downplay their Indian lineage. They prefer to play up their own local cultures, which are frequently hybrids of the larger Indian culture and their own indigenous ones. India sees itself as one of the great nations of the world. However, India has yet to build on the onetime greatness of its civilization to earn international influence and respect. ...read more.


The explosion of interest in Indian cinema, known as Bollywood film, is prominent particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom The thousands who similarly come to India to study Yoga, Buddhism and other important under appreciated aspects of Indian culture highlight the fact globalization is more of a two way street than most people realize. To understand the Non Residential Indian community in America note that Indian immigration to the United States has been particularly related to the high-tech sectors. Until recently, about twenty-five percent of the graduates of India's four most prestigious technology institutes immigrated to the United States. This has lead to a situation where more Indian technological talent is in the U.S. rather than India. Business Week reported, "an extraordinarily large number of enterprises in Silicon Valley-more than 30 percent-were started by Asians, with the overwhelming number being Indian". Some argue that the globalization of this migration was a way for talent to find opportunities. ...read more.


Modernity is not just Westernization, with Japan being a modern country that has its on values at its core rather than Western values. In classical social theory, modernity increases the credence given to status of education or other merit based achievements while it reduces the credence given to birth status. The psychological concept of subjectivity, the ability to empathize with and share in another's plight and fate, is at the heart of modernity and lacking it, many argue modernity in a society degenerates to crass commercialism. Likewise, if consumer items remain in the hands of the few rather than being disseminated among the many, such a society has the visible signs of modernism but not the ideological underpinnings. Some ask if the caste system, which came to India through previous invaders, the Aryans, will continue to keep the different classes divided or will modernism's system of meritocracy finally tear caste's walls down? Only time will tell if India's gateways of globalization will spread ideology and not just consumption throughout the Indian subcontinent. ...read more.

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