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Impacts of Sea Level Rise - Bangladeshand the Netherlands.

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Impacts of Sea Level Rise Bangladesh and the Netherlands For both Bangladesh and the Netherlands rises in sea levels would be catastrophic. Bangladesh is though to be one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to sea level rise and because it is not large in area effects in the coastal area are likely to be felt across the whole country. In Bangladesh a 50cm rise in sea level would lead to the inundation of 10% of the land affecting not only the coastal area but areas inland relying on the coastal areas. About one quarter of the population live in coastal areas with the reaming three quarters depending largely on activities in the coastal areas. ...read more.


The increased density of people could lead to socio-economic problems. Sea level rises would also lead to longer periods of flood meaning the land is inaccessible for use so fewer crops may be grown. Due it its low GNP Bangladesh has few options other than to accommodate the rising sea level even though a lot of its economy relies on the coastal areas as they can not afford to build expensive defence systems to protect the land. The Netherlands is a low lying area, much of it reclaimed from the sea, with 40% below sea level. Due to its relatively flat nature any rise is sea level would be catastrophic to the Netherlands. ...read more.


Salt-water intrusion will reduce the quality and quantity of freshwater supplies. Higher sea levels could also cause extreme events such as storm surges which would affect more of the country than previous storm surges (1850 killed; 8% of country flooded) as well as high tides and seismic sea waves. Unlike Bangladesh protection has been implemented for many years in the Netherlands and it is able to use hard structural protection methods to defend itself against any rise in sea levels because it can afford to do so. Already forward planning and preparation is occurring with dikes being built with extra elevation in order to accommodate a sea level rise. Other methods including sea walls and rock armour are also planned to be implemented in the future. Mark Evans ...read more.

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