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Impacts of Tourism on Kenya

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Impacts of Tourism of Kenya Kenya is on the east coast of Africa and was one of the first LEDC's to develop mass tourism. Tourism has a massive impact on the economy of Kenya. It provides a major source of income into Kenyan economy; it holds 21% of foreign exchange earnings. Tourism provides lots of different type of jobs for Kenyan people. Some jobs include, tour guides, hotel workers, coach drivers and many more. 11% of paid employment in Kenya comes from tourism. ...read more.


only for the tourist season. Tourism has social impacts on the people of Kenya. Tourism promotes understanding of culture. When people visit Kenya they learn new things about traditional tribes. Money from tourism is used to build schools and hospital so it provides Kenyans with new facilities. It has many disadvantages socially. There has been lots of conflict between local tribes and the government because local tribes think they're culture is being exploited. Some tribes are being forced out of their land so there is area to build new accommodations and attractions for tourists. ...read more.


It also develops new sanctuaries and facilities e.g. Bamburi Nature Trail in Mombassa. There are many disadvantages to the environment, it is polluted and natural environment spoiled - boats dropping anchors damages coral, people taking parts of coral reef. The ground is eroded by mini buses, coaches and trucks. People walking away from pathways causes foot erosion wildlife is disturbed by tourist numbers, transport and hot air balloons. I think that I 10 years time, I think that tourism in Kenya will decline because wildlife will decrease and conflict between tribes and governments will turn into a civil war. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mohammad Abbas ...read more.

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