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In this booklet I will be describing global warming, its effects, its causes, my views, other peoples views, and finally if we should be concerned about global warming.

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In this booklet I will be describing global warming, its effects, its causes, my views, other peoples views, and finally if we should be concerned about global warming. What is Global Warming? Global warming refers to an average increase in the Earth's temperature, which in turn causes changes in climate. A warmer Earth may lead to changes in rainfall patterns, a rise in sea level, and a wide range of impacts on plants, wildlife, and humans. What is Global Warming caused by? Global warming is caused by the "Greenhouse effect." Just like any other planet, the Earth absorbs the sun's heat and radiates it back towards space. But greenhouse gases trap heat and reflect it back towards the Earth. The more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the more heat that is trapped. The less the amount of greenhouse gases, the less heat that is trapped. Each greenhouse gas has its own important role in trapping the sun's heat, the most significant of which is water vapour. On a clear day, water vapour can comprise 60 to 70 percent of the greenhouse effect. Next in line, carbon dioxide contributes an additional 25 percent. The changes in the balance and concentration of all these gases can affect the Earth's temperature, and these temperature changes are often referred to as "global warming" or "global cooling." Greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere have been naturally rising and falling for billions of years, creating cold and warm periods in the Earth's history. For example, as the Ice Age went on, scientists believe the amount of natural carbon dioxide in the atmosphere dropped over thousands of years, reducing the greenhouse effect, and making the Earth cooler. But many disagree on how that change in carbon dioxide occurred. Today, scientists are looking at effects of global warming as they debate the long-term impact of man-made carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere. ...read more.


? Coral reefs may die, because coral reefs are very sensitive to differences in water temperatures. ? Some low-lying island in the Pacific Ocean will disappear under the sea as will densely populated areas around river deltas such as Bangladesh. MEDC's and LEDC's effects on global warming The biggest emitters of greenhouse gases are rich, industrialised, countries (or MEDC's - More economically developed countries,) like the United States of America and those in the European Union. The emissions per person in a rich country are several times greater than the emissions per person in an LEDC - Lower economically developed country. However, as the LEDCs develop and people's standard of living increases, emissions of greenhouse gases are likely to increase greatly. China already has the second highest emissions per person and emissions from India have increased by over 50% since 1990. There is nevertheless far to go before the emissions from developing countries catch up with those from the rich countries. This graph shows the amount of greenhouse gasses each country emits. It clearly shows that MEDC's are the worst emitters of greenhouse gases while LEDC's only give out small amounts of greenhouse gases. Although with this graph we may have to take into account that the larger the country is the more gases it is likely to produce so this may affect the graph results. In MEDC's the effects of global warming will not be as severe as the effects of global warming on a LEDC. This is because MEDC'S are better equipped to deal with droughts, floods and other global warming caused disasters, simply because MEDC'S have more wealth and so can afford to pay for flood repairs and MEDC'S can have food and objects shipped in from other MEDC'S. Whereas LEDC'S do not have enough money to pay for flood-minimising devices or other apparatus that stops global warming effects. Also in LEDC's if there is an increase in disease carrying insects then the people will not have enough money to pay for treatment for the ill. ...read more.


As a result, the ocean levels may not rise as much as we think, as continents may be sinking. In addition, some researchers believe that global warming is foreshadowing a coming ice age. The last ice age occurred as the Earth's climate was warming. In the Arctic regions, more water would evaporate in summer, and fall onto the land as snow in winter. The winters would not be warm enough to melt all of this snow; as a result icebergs would grow. My Views and conclusion I believe that global warming is happening, the evidence is overwhelming. I think this because we produce so many harmful gases and are so wasteful in our energy use, that somewhere the effects must be taking their toll. I also think that some of the heat rise is due to the world coming out of a mini ice age although I do not think that it has caused all of it. There are so many factors to prove that global warming is happening, scientists opposed to the idea are having a hard job of finding anything to disprove it. The world needs to wake up to the reality of global warming before it is too late. If we do not stop it or slow global warming down then our descendants will have to pay the price for our laziness over the greenhouse effect. I think that we should be concerned about global warming because if we are not concerned then we won't do anything about it and the effects will be irreversible. There are a number of knock-on effects from global warming, such as; some people are arguing that lack of water through global warming could mean war between different countries. This is only a suggestion as yet, but in the future this suggestion could become very real. The future looks bleak whilst major polluters, such as the USA are in denial over the effects, which their massive energy consumption is having on the planet. The Kyoto agreement must be adhered to by all countries for mankind to have a future. ...read more.

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