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In this coursework I am investigating the titles: "The centre of Greenwich is a honeypot site for tourism" and "Access to Greenwich is difficult due to poorly developed transport infrastructure".

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Greenwich is the focus of this coursework although other sites may be used to compare prices, transport links, traffic flow and pedestrian count. In this coursework I am investigating the titles: "The centre of Greenwich is a honeypot site for tourism" This can be investigated in different ways, one way being transport links which is why I chose the following option as title: "Access to Greenwich is difficult due to a poorly developed transport infrastructure" I decided to focus on the particular option title above because I use public transport a great deal and could compare the different transport links. I think the transport links represent how popular Greenwich is, and how far people will travel to see the sights and visit. Therefore giving Greenwich the heading "honeypot site". Greenwich is in SouthEast London alongside the River Thames. Which is another form of transport to the town (which will be discussed later). When our class went to Greenwich it seemed busy although it was raining. There appeared to be a high traffic flow constantly around all area's which may have been because of the amount of road works taking place but, this I found out as a result of my questionnaires is the usual. Tourism is a great part of the income in Greenwich, and wouldn't be the town it is now if tourists didn't visit and spend money on transport, souvenirs, food and shops. A definition of tourism is: The advantages of tourism are that the income of a town or a city (in this case Greenwich being the town) is increased and improvements to the attractions and the town itself can be improved, therefore attracting more people. The disadvantages of tourism are that a town or a city can become dangerous because of the high traffic flow, the streets can become littered and dirty. A town can lose its original character because businesses are changing the ways of life around the area so there are more pull factors for tourists. ...read more.


Why are you here? Are you going to come back? For what reason? Do you think Greenwich has a pollution problem? From what you have seen is there enough car parking around Greenwich? Do you think that there are enough litterbins provided in Greenwich? Do you think there are enough food outlets in Greenwich? Asking people questions had a lot of limitations: * Some people didn't want to speak to us because they were busy * Some people answered questions and if they didn't know an answer they made up an answer * The weather was unpleasant so not many people were out and willing answer questions. * The time of day was when people were going to work * It was quite early in the season, the weather wasn't attracting tourists We asked 13 people in total: These people were residents, tourists and workers: We asked some people: Do you think that Greenwich meets both Tourist and residents' needs? We also asked: 'Do you think that there are enough litterbins provided in Greenwich' and 'Do you think Greenwich has a pollution problem?' We asked everyone this question, here are the results of the questions: We asked everyone the following question: Method 5 Bi - Polar Analysis This is an analysis which shows whether pavements are wide or narrow, street furniture is maintained and attractive or damaged and badly kept, the frontages are well maintained or poorly maintained, the pavements are clean or not and whether the four different locations are crowded or not and on what scale they are on e.g. if the area of only a little bit crowded it will be +1 and if its desolate then it's -2 and if it's extremely crowded then it'll be +2. We hope to find out how each of these locations are kept. The limitations of this experiment are what part of the location that you identify. ...read more.


1 1 0 Structural damage e.g cracks 0 3 1 Rotting 2 0 0 Sagging roof 0 0 0 TOTAL SCORE: 4 13 2 This is a ranking of the physical conditions in my home street, Bromley high street and Greenwich high street compared. If what a stated above was correct about the richer the area then the more maintained the building would be. 4 is a very good mark for an area as large as Greenwich. My area is very small and maintained very well because of this, and the fact there are little buildings, therefore Greenwich being maintained in the way that it is with as many building it has is excellent. Method 8: Cost Survey This survey shows how different things cost various prices when sold in different places in London. I think that the price of things affect how they are set up for tourists and whether these products are aimed for tourists to buy. I think the more expensive things are the more they are likely to be sold in a high tourist area, because tourists are the main income of that particular area. Item Greenwich High StreetIgh StreeHigh Bromley High Street Home Street Fuse - Chocolate Bar 35p 40p 40p Cornetto Whippy Ice Cream �1.20 �1.00 80p Hot Chocolate �1.20 �1.00 80p This shows that 2 out of three things are more expensive in Greenwich than they are in a town or a village. The ice-cream and hot chocolate are both things that tourists are likely to but because they stop and see the sites whilst eating an ice-cream or drinking some hot chocolate, but you would usually say chocolate bars are the things that tourists would buy. I carried out this method on the same day. The problems are that the shop I went into is a garage and usually these are slightly more expensive so maybe I could have gone o the same type of shop. Also thy may not have had the same quality product in the shops that I went into to collect the data. File: Greenwich Coursework Printed by ROOTS 10/09/2002 18:13 ...read more.

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