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In this piece of coursework I will be writing about three different types of technologies within town centres.

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ICT COURSEWORK 3D In this piece of coursework I will be writing about three different types of technologies within town centres. I will be explaining to you how they affect the public, the advantages and disadvantages of the piece of technology and what I personally think of it. TECHNOLOGY 1 - TRAFFIC LIGHTS Garrett A. Morgan invented the traffic signal during the 1920's. The very first traffic lights did not even have lights at all. They had signs that said stop and go. Traffic light are chosen in certain areas if the traffic is known to be bad or there have been a number of accidents in that locality. Traffic congestion and delay costs businesses millions of pounds each year in time loss. Also , the exhaust emissions from a numerous amount of stationary vehicles are damaging to the environment and our health. The council and government alike are very aware of these problems, but, realize that they cannot be fixed by building one or two new roads. Urban Traffic Control (UTC) Centre, based in Reading, is a centre that manages the traffic signals on both the local road network and the motorway junctions within ...read more.


This is not a bad thing as everybody understands when they are to go and when they are not. I don't even think that traffic lights are that necessary in most cases; if the traffic was let to go freely there would probably be less congestion. For example, if you had a red light but the road was clear you still can't go so when more traffic arrives and the lights turn green then not as many people would be able to go because after a few cars had gone the lights would go red again, this would continue and more traffic would build up. If people were allowed to go when they wanted, a lot more traffic could pass causing less congestion. The only real reason I can see for traffic lights is for pedestrians. For the rest of the drivers they are not as useful as they usually just hold you up. TECHNOLOGY 2-CCTV CAMERAS The UK is the world leader in video surveillance. Britain is monitored by 4 million CCTV cameras, making us the most watched nation in the world. ...read more.


The way these work is all items in the shop are registered on the computer and you scan the items on the scanner then the item will automatically be put onto your receipt and when you don't want to buy anything else and you have scanned all of the items that you wish to purchase you can swipe your credit card and if the card is accepted then a receipt will be printed and you will be able to walk away with all of your shopping. This can be very useful as many people cannot be bothered with the hassle of serving yourself so they will just normally queue; people who don't mind waiting around for a bit longer than usual will not mind serving themselves which means less queuing, which in the long term means less waiting which means happier customers. In the long term this might come to people losing their jobs; if self service does become even bigger then it is now then less staff will need to be employed. Another disadvantage is the fact that you are not allowed to purchase things like alcohol, cd's, DVD's and other electrical goods without aa member of staff authorising you to do so. ?? ?? ?? ?? DAVID MASON DAVID MASON ...read more.

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