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Investigate if "Portobello road is going through a period of change".

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Geography Coursework Introduction My geography coursework is to investigate if "Portobello road is going through a period of change". These changes are gentrification, meaning the way that the area has improved in a good way or bad. Portobello Road was chosen to investigate changes because the changes taking place show how this can affect other areas environmentally and what Portobello Road is heading towards in the future. Portobello road has been affected by this change Gentrification, buildings and other residential areas have been improved. This coursework will prove if the hypothesis "Portobello road is going through a period of change" is true or not. The area of my study is located in central London in the area of Notting Hill. This is a well-known place because of Portobello Road, which is famous for its market, local shops and restaurants. It runs through the heart of Notting Hill and is visited by hundreds of people everyday. Portobello road is in the borough Kensington and Chelsea, which is in the west of London. The road is very long and goes under the West Way Bridge in Notting Hill. Here are a few key questions regarding Portobello Road, these will help in the investigation, as they tell you what the past was like/ the future and the present time of Portobello Road. What was Portobello Road like in the past? What is Portobello Road like today? What changes have occurred? Why is Portobello Road changing? What do people think about these changes? These are just a few of the questions, more will be mentioned below. To answer these key questions I would have to make a survey and go up and down the road asking as many people I can these questions. ...read more.


This graph informs us that the most shops are comparison shops, and the least shops are entertainment. The reasons the most amount of stores are in the comparison category because most people who shop there want to only buy things like clothes, and antiques that's why there are a lot of those shops. The graph below shows that the majority of the people asked to fill in my questionnaire were females. Male 3 Female 7 Age 0-18 1 19-29 2 30-39 4 40-49 3 50-59 0 60+ 0 The graph above shows the ages of people, who were asked to fill in the questionnaire, it also shows that the majority of the people were aged 30- 39. Are you a Tourist 1 Resident 2 Shopper 3 At Work 4 The graph above shows the ages of the people who were interviewed. The graph tells us that the people who were there at the time were mostly between the ages 0 - 39. The graph above shows what the people who I asked were either a tourist, resident, shopper or at work. The graph shows that the majority of the people were at work. If you are a resident how long have you lived in this area? 0-5 years 0 6-10 years 0 11-15 years 1 16-20 years 1 21-25 years 0 26-30 years 0 30+ years 0 The graph above shows that the residents I asked of Portobello Road lived in that area for a duration of years. The graph shows how many people I asked were residents of Portobello road. By looking at the graph I can see that there were only one in each year for 11-15 and 16-20. ...read more.


There should be more help from the council, e.g., by having more rubbish collections. Also there should be a decrease in property prices. The Old and the New land use maps I used showed a great significance in vary, the surroundings of old shops, and the new. The old land use map shows that shops of that time were more convenience store based, the new land use maps shows convenience/ entertainment stores. The change shown from the old to the new land use maps makes us see that Portobello Road and its changes affecting the people's views and opinions, which are shown from the results of the questionnaire. The borough plans Kensington and Chelsea have three main elements in their strategies, which are firstly strategic framework, secondly area profiles and lastly action plans for priority areas. Last year the K&C Partnership developed a set of objectives, which if jointly pursued by all services will make a real contribution locally to bringing closer the national vision " that within 10 to 20 years, no one should be seriously disadvantaged by where they live". Evaluation I think that the research methods I used was accurate enough to give me good data to show my end results, I was able to give all answers to provided questions and felt that the people participating in my questionnaires had no problems with it too. Problems I had with my results is that I could have used the people of Portobello to get more accurate information If I was there for a longer. I could also have used more research methods. The hypothesis " Portobello Road is going through a period of change". I have found that this statement is true. From all the research that I have done it shows the new changes the road has been going through and heading towards in the future. Rupal Sutar 11ZA ...read more.

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