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Investigating the differences in shopping patterns between out of town shopping centres and the Central Business District. Why is out of town shopping increasing in popularity?

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Investigating the differences in shopping patterns between out of town shopping centres and the Central Business District. Why is out of town shopping increasing in popularity? Introduction: My case study will be Edinburgh. I will compare South Gyle Shopping Centre to an area of Princes St. - Edinburgh's CBD. In this project I will investigate what makes each place more appealing for retail and what influence this has on shopping patterns in the city. I will address issues such as location, attractions, spheres of influence and what socio-economic groups use both or either. This will hopefully provide an answer to my main question - why are out of town shopping centres increasing in popularity in Edinburgh? showing Edinburgh's national position. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and is situated on the Firth of Forth in the south east of Scotland. It has good motorway links to the south and Scotland's biggest city Glasgow. A Map showing the areas I will be studying, and other important features. Edinburgh has good access to sea shipping with the port of Leith. . This is the out of town shopping centre I will be studying at South Gyle. Access to town centre is relatively easy but traffic congestion causes a problem at rush hours. To the Gyle however there is easy access via the City bypass. Princess street This map identifies the block of streets, in the Central business district of Edinburgh that I will be investigating. It is situated close to Princes St. Gardens, and is close to especially Waverley station This map shows The South Gyle shopping centre - the out of town area I will be investigating. It is situated next to The South Gyle Business Park. There are excellent, immediate road links to the rest of Britain. My project will attempt to look at the differing shopping patterns in these two areas and from this and other physical information I will assess what makes each area appealing for shoppers. ...read more.


These shops are small and have little staff. There are also smaller chain stores that locate themselves along Fredrick and Hanover Street. Here the rent is cheaper, these shops consist of, Lunn Poly, JD sport and pizza hut. This is a picture taken from Princess Street of a large chain store. You can see the similarity between this shop and the shops at the Gyle. Large window to see in, large sign outside that you wouldn't miss and lots of space inside. 2. How does the environment differ? The reason why this question is relevant is because by seeing the difference in environmental survey we can see the quality Results & Analysis: Graph The difference in environments could be very significant in whether people want to visit the two areas or not. I went to each location and did some environmental surveys and I included two of these sample environmental surveys in the back of my project plus a blank environmental survey. These show the quality of the environment in the two different areas. As is shown by the bar charts on the environmental surveys George Street actually came out with better results that the Gyle accumulating 10 points against the Gyle's minus five which should make it a more pleasant place to be. This is a very major factor in how has been able to survive and compete against The Gyle. In my opinion my findings where that princess street was a cleaner better kept and maintained facility for shoppers than The Gyle centre. One of the main differences between the Gyle centre and is that is and out of doors shopping experience so shoppers are more exposed to the elements than in the Gyle. This is a major cause for concern especially on day when the weather is not to great. For instance rain wind and cold temperature's can make people want to either stay at home or seek a indoor shopping centre such as the Gyle centre where they can shop in warmth out of the rain. ...read more.


The time of year that I took my results also affects this as there are different times when the shops are busier or less busy so if I was to do it again a longer time period would and taking more results and surveys would make a more accurate report. * Doing the project again at Christmas time would probably have a massive effect on the results as more people would be out in the mad rush to buy Christmas presents. In this situation I think that the Gyle centre might gain more support from the shoppers as it is a very easy location for people to go in and buy a load of shopping at one time. My questionnaire was a bit of a failure as I tried to get as many people as possible to fill it out for me; first off most people did not have the time or could not be bothered to help me fill it out. Then when I did get someone to fill it out a lot of the questions where left blank or in some cases especially in the Gyle people did not fully understand the questions. So if I was to do it again I would try and simplify my questionnaire and be more persistent in trying to get people to fill it out properly. * If I were to do it again I would use simpler questioning methods to try and get more accurate and sensible results. Over all I think that the project was a success I did not get the result that I originally thought that the Gyle would have taken over the shopping industry from but I found that is very much holding it's own against this out of town shopping centre which is totally against the evidence suggested in my wider issues section but this I think a good thing that the way operates and means that It is still against all of it's restrictions a very successful centre of commerce for Edinburgh. ...read more.

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