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Investigating - The larger the shopping area the more high order shops.

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Hypothesis 1 "The larger the shopping area the more high order shops" This hypothesis is about the link between the size of the shopping area and the amount of higher order shops. The larger the area the more varieties of shops there are, for example furniture shops, clothes, Nike, computers, food and cinemas. A larger shopping centre sells more comparison goods than convenience goods. Comparison shops are here because shops need to have a large population to make it profitable. I predict this hypothesis is true, for example: The Bullring is a large shopping centre which has a lot of high order shops. This caters for a large number of people that want goods and Different goods to buy and it has a large sphere of influence. Methodology Our teacher gave us three maps one of Acocks green, one of School Road and one of Fox Hollies, First we went to ...read more.


In Acocks green the biggest shopping centre, there were 26 high order shops, 41 low order shops and 9 vacant shops, Fox hollies had 16 high order shops, 24 low order shops and 2 vacant and school road had 3 high order, 9 low order and 0 vacant shops. So this has proved that "The larger the shopping centre the more High order shops there will be" because Acocks green is bigger than fox hollies, Acocks green had 26 High order shops and Fox hollies only had 16 high order shops. Acocks Green Fox Hollies School Road High Order 26 16 3 Low Order 41 24 9 Vacant 9 2 0 Total 76 45 12 Percentages Conclusion Acocks green had more high order shops because it has better public transport links; like more bus stations greater access and it has more car parking space, so people can access the centre easier. ...read more.


To make my results better I could have had a grade system were 5 is good and 1 is not very good. So 5 will be a high order shop and number 1 would be a low order shop. I could have also compared my results with other students to make my results more reliable. If I was to open a high order shop I would of opened in it Acocks green because there are more shoppers there, if I chose to open it in Fox Hollies or School Road I would make less profit because there are not many shoppers there going there. (Map of Acocks Green. 26 high order shops, 41 low order shops and 9 vacant) (Map of School Road, 3 high order shops, 9 low order shops and 0 vacant.) (Map of Fox Hollies. 16 high order shops, 24 low order shops and 2 vacant.) ?? ?? ?? ?? By Karan Sirpal 20119 Geography Course work ...read more.

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