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'Investigating Wakefield' - The hypothesis to be examined in this section was 'does Environmental Quality improve with distance from the Central Business District?'

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'Investigating Wakefield' - GCSE Geography Coursework The hypothesis to be examined in this section was 'does Environmental Quality improve with distance from the Central Business District?' and the investigation was carried out in an urban area of the industrial city of Wakefield, in the North-East of England. Four sites along a transect of 1.5km, which stretched from Newton Bar to the end of Wood Street, were chosen and then at each point an Environmental Quality Survey was recorded. This is a map of the transect with the four points investigated on it marked with a cross. Newton Bar St. John's Avenue Wentworth Street (Outside WGHS) Wood Street Method To collect information for this hypothesis, a transect of 1.5km was walked along and at four points, approximately a 1/4 of the way along the transect, an environmental survey was carried out. To record the results of these surveys, printed sheets with different descriptions of the environment on it, were used. On each measure of environmental quality, there was a scale from +5 to -5 and these stood for good and bad quality, a score was recorded at each testing site. ...read more.


would want to locate there as it is not in the most accessible area for their customers and they may lose the trade they get from passers-by. I was surprised that St John's Avenue got a score of +1 for congestion because as it is on the way out of the CBD and on a main road to Leeds, I would have expected more cars to be going down it and getting congested, maybe if the survey had been carried out on a different day there would have been. Wentworth Street (Outside WGHS) - Survey 3 Wentworth Street got an overall environmental quality score of -12, which is the worst out of the four sites where surveys were carried out. All Wentworth Street's scores are negative apart from the amount of people which is only positive because of the time of day the survey was carried out. If the survey had been completed at about 4.10pm, then WGHS would have finished for the day and so there would be a lot of people around the site which would have led to Wentworth Street getting a negative score for amount of people as well. ...read more.


The results I found start off quite bad with -3 in Wood Street, then get 4 times worse with -12 in Wentworth Street, then get much better in St John's Avenue with -6 and then get worse again at Newton Bar with -7 so my results do not support the idea put forward in the hypothesis at all. However, I did find out that most traffic seems to be in the CBD and so is the most congested and the CBD also has the most things to do, Wentworth Street is the dirtiest of the four sites and Newton Bar is the most attractive; which shows that the sites tested did have both positive and negative scores. Evaluation I did this investigation to find out whether environmental quality improves with distance from the CBD and found that, in Wakefield, it doesn't and that it varies considerably. If I were to do this investigation again I would complete all the surveys in one day, (as I had to do 2 one day and 2 the next) and then work out averages of my results with another person so that I had the most accurate results possible. Hannah Hardwick VU VEC ...read more.

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