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Investigating - The larger the shopping centre the greater the access.

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Hypothesis 2 'The larger the shopping centre the greater the access.' Introduction I believe this hypothesis to be true; this is because larger shopping centres have greater access. For example the Bull ring is a large shopping centre, which is located in the City Centre and has great access. It has large car park facility with over 3,100 car park spaces (900 in Indoor Market car park, 1,000 in Bullring car park and 1,200 in Moor Street car park) disabled parking and lifts. Larger shopping centres have greater access than smaller shopping centres as large shopping centres have a wider variety of access than small centres. These are : Ring roads, red routes, traffic lights, wider lanes, lots of road converge, one way systems, Larger shopping centres also have more public transport, for example: buses, trains, taxis and tram's. Larger shopping centres have larger parking facilities and a wide variety of parking facilities such as: disabled access, ramps, wheelchairs, lifts and automatic doors, cycling facilities, such as bike racks, cycle lanes. Larger shopping centres may also have pedestrian areas to make it easier for people to access the shops. ...read more.


The larger area of Acocks Green has better access by public transport and also is served by more road links. Figure 1 and 3 shows that Acocks Green is served by ten bus routes and has twelve bus stops and also is near to a train station. There are five major access roads to Acocks green. This information is also shown in figure 1 and 3. There is parking provision for 297 cars in official car parks which make the area attractive to people travelling in by car; this is shown in figure 2. The medium sized area is Fox Hollies. This has four bus routes and eight bus stops and is near to a train station (as shown in figure 1 and 3). There are four access roads (shown in fig 1 and 3) and the traffic count is lower than in Acocks Green (as shown in figure 1). There is parking provision for 113 cars, which is shown in figure 1 and 3. The third area School Road is the smallest area. It has three bus routes and two bus stops and no train stations. ...read more.


I think there are two most important type of access one is by car, this is because there are many roads, but it can get congested sometimes. The second one is by bus as there are many bus routes leading into Acocks Green, the access is good. Evaluation If I was to improve my results I could visit more shopping centres or I could collect my data differently .I could add more detail to my results by collecting more data and compare different shopping centres with each other and taking the results at different times in the day. As we only went to visit the centres during the middle of the week and for half a day, next time we could visit the different shopping centres at different times of the day but also different days of the week or even the weekends, to get a more accurate and precise result. This is because most people are at work during the week, and only have time to shop after work or at weekends. So if we conducted the questionnaire on a different day of the week and at a different time, we would have got completely different results than we have. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Karan Sirpal 20119 Geography Coursework ...read more.

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