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Investigation - Recent housing developments have resulted in an improvement in the environmental quality of the Shepherds Bush area.

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Hypothesis 1 Recent housing developments have resulted in an improvement in the environmental quality of the Shepherds Bush area. My hypothesis links to how land use has changed in the Shepherds Bush area over the past 200 years because, recent housing developments has changed the way land has been used. They contrast with the old housing from years back. The burgess model is an appropriate diagram to use when looking at the Shepherds Bush area. The CBD is Westfield and the lower class residential area is Shepherd's Bush market and Uxbridge Road. According to the Burgess model, we should have the inner city housing in theory, outside the CBD. As you move further away; there are more medium and high class residents. Originally, Westfield was a brown field site, which is a site, which has been abandoned or underused; it was knocked down in 1985 and made derelict until it was converted into the new shopping centre and new housing estates to improve the environmental quality of Shepherds Bush. Hypothesis 2 There has been an increase in the provision of transport in the Shepherds Bush area, making it a more accessible hub. ...read more.


This proves to us that the new bus station and car park, which has been built in conjunction to the shopping centre, has been a success. This data surprised me as I thought Tube would be most popular due to the high level of train stations around Westfield and the large number of people traveling there. I then compared these results to those I collected and plotted them onto a graph, I collected this data by conduction different types of data collection during my trip, including; traffic and pedestrian count and index of decay. These results varied as our trip progressed. We also looked at the quality of different buildings; I have included this because it links to my 1st hypothesis. I can prove this because of the data I recorded and the pictures I took. While at the new housing estate down Bourbon Lane I took an Index of decay and an environmental quality survey in comparison to the older housing estates around the area. These results only show us an anomaly because it was only taken once, and amount of litter, vandalism and traffic can vary from day to day. ...read more.


I am going to partially accept this hypothesis, because from my results I have proven that environmental quality has risen, nearer to Westfield (bourbon lane) but from my evidence parts of Shepherds bush and white city (shepherds bush station) still have high levels of litter and pollution. Hypothesis 2- there has been an increase in the provision of transport in the Shepherds Bush area, making it a more accessible hub I am going to accept this hypothesis because I believe from my results, even though they are anomalies that it is evident that there are a lot more accessible transport systems, for example; trains, busses, and other networks. Evaluation To evaluate, I believe that some of my results could have been influenced, as we went on a weekday, on the weekend there would be a higher footfall and therefore ( hypothesis 1) there may be more litter and pollution, and also (hypothesis 2) more cars, buses in the area, as transport systems have to cope with higher volumes of people. The data would be more reliable if I collected it during the week and weekend and took an average, it would also be better if I had surveyed more people to get more accurate results. Also there would probably be more people on a better day and less at night. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE Shepherds Bush coursework 1 ...read more.

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