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Is our world split?

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Split World- Yes or No? Our world is divided in many ways such as; economically, socially and environmentally. This affects our world as metaphorically and physically as it is one world, but as conveyed as it being split. I think that our world is split in many ways, such as rich and poor, industry, standard of living and religions. Our world is split into the north and south divide because most of the richer countries are in the northern hemisphere and bring in more money than the southern hemisphere. Living in the southern hemisphere I personally think is better because children have a guaranteed education, there's more wealth and jobs, better industry and development, because after a natural disaster they can re-build better and quickly because they have the money for facilities. ...read more.


Families in LEDC's have more children for many reasons other than bringing money, such as incase one child dies of disease they still have other children, but overall most reasons link to the money aspect. The industry splits the world because MEDC's have better, higher paid jobs whereas LEDC's don't have a minimum wage like richer countries, and are paid a lot less than we are. Big industrial countries get their products made in an LEDC's so they spend less money on production and earn more money. MEDC's take advantage of the poor countries because when they grow foods such as coffee beans, they are pressured into being given a very low price, and they have to accept it because it'd better than nothing, and they know that's better than nothing. ...read more.


Eastern Europe have been hit by globalisation quite badly over the past years and people no longer have enough money to live off, and have at least 3 jobs to bring money in for the family. Another world divide is skin colour; racism is all around the world and is a major split in the world because coloured people resent white people because they used to use them as slaves. On the other hand white people resent coloured people because they think that coloured people aren't equal to them. To conclude I think that the world is divided in many ways, but the main divide personally I think is money, and between MEDC's and LEDC's because most things explained in this essay about the dividing of the world, all ends up being money related. ...read more.

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