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Is the environment better in the outskirts?

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I needed to collect one piece of data. Is the environment better in the outskirts? Data Collection I walked around Henley to see what the environment was like I expected to find a better environment in the outskirts and worse environment in the CBD.I used 6 indicators to justify the aim. The indicators Were Litter/Pollution/Noise/Greenery/House Condition/Vandalism. I expected the environment to be better in the outskirts than in the CBD because there is less people and traffic. Problems I could not see what the back gardens were like they might be clean they might be filthy. Site Numbers Quality Indicator 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Litter 4 10 1 4 5 10 6 9 3 5 6 4 Pollution 10 7 10 7 8 10 9 10 2 10 7 0 Noise 3 8 2 7 8 8 9 3 2 2 ...read more.


The Land in the CBD will be mostly shops and offices? The map shows what the buildings are used for. In the north of Henley along Bell Street the buildings are mostly used for shops and offices. Along market place and Duke Street the shops get less and less and residential areas start. Further south along Reading Road industrial shops and less important shops start. In the CBD there are more shops and offices because the CBD is the most assessable area and most people go to the CBD. This proves that there are more people and traffic in the CBD. The Building height will be higher in the CBD then the outskirts? The map shows how high the buildings are used for. To the south of Hart Street and west along Duke Street the buildings are all two stories. ...read more.


It proves there are more cars and traffic in the CBD. Is the environment better in the Outskirts? The graph shows what the environment is like in the CBD and outskirts. The environment is quite good in the outskirts but it gets worse along Bell Street and Duke Street. The CBD is the most excisable area of Henley and the most traffic and people are there for there will be more pollution in the CBD. It proves that there is more pollution in the CBD. The Parking restrictions will be worse in the CBD? The Map shows what the parking restrictions are like in the CBD. Most of Henley is single yellow lines but along Bell Street and part of Duke Street and Market Place double yellow lines start. The CBD is the place where most people want to go and if there were no restrictions every body would park anywhere. It proves that the parking restrictions are worse in the CBD. ...read more.

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