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Is there a pattern to commercial land use in Ormskirk town Centre?

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Is There A Pattern To Commercial Landuse In Ormskirk Town Centre? After completing my Landuse survey map, I have found there is a pattern, albeit sometimes random, in Ormskirk Town Centre. Ormskirk Town Centres core area is situated near the clock tower or 'market cross'. The market cross is at a junction between Church Street, Burscough Street and Aughton Street. In Ormskirk Town Centre there is a clustering of convenience goods or frequent goods outlets situated in the core. Convenience goods, are those goods we buy most often, on a day-to-day basis e.g.) newspaper, milk. Sayers (the bakers) in Burscough Street is an example of one of these convenience/frequent goods stores. It is a chain store and can therefore afford to pay the high rent rates for buildings in the core. Although expensive, being located in the core has many advantages e.g.) ...read more.


there are 2 card shops in the core (Clinton Cards on Church Street and Hallmark on Moor Street) Shoppers will compare prices between these 2 shops, so they will be in competition with each other. Another example of comparative shopping includes the market stalls (which all sell similar goods, like food and clothes). Another pattern I found was not 1 that links with frequent goods, but rather infrequent services e.g.) solicitors and accountants. These professional services are infrequently used and are found in the periphery e.g.) The Solicitors on Derby Street. They are situated here because they don't rely on passing trade, people seek them out specially - this is on advantage, because they don't have to pay the high prices (rents/rates) for buildings in the core. As I found in the core there are lots of examples of complimentary landuse in the periphery too e.g.) ...read more.


Iceland supermarket on Moorgate doesn't quite fit the pattern - it is almost within the core. It was probably built there to take advantage of the already established car park (complimentary landuse). Another anomaly I found is not one specific to Ormskirk Town Centre but to most town centre core areas. Both Estate Agents and Travel Agents are examples of infrequent/professional services (that are normally situated in the periphery) yet are found in the core. This is because unlike the other infrequent services Estate Agents and Travel Agents rely on passing trade and the need to be seen and they can achieve this by setting up in the core where there is a high pedestrian density (often they are chain stores and can afford the high prices and small office spaces in the core). An example of complimentary landuse can include the duo of Estate Agents and solicitors being found together e.g.) Collertons Estate Agents and J.K.P Solicitors on Church Street. ...read more.

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