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Is there a relationship between the number of pedestrians and the environmental quality in Wisbech?

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Contents Page 1 Contents Page 2 Map of Wisbech fig1 3 Introduction to Wisbech 4 Pedestrian Count 5 Isoline Map fig2 6 Pedestrian Count 7 Location Of Transect Figures Map fig3 8 Pedestrian Count 9 Map of Main Shopping Areas fig4 10 Land Use Map fig5 11 Land Use Map 12 Land Use Map 13 Questionnaire 14 Question 1/fig6 15 Question 2 16 Q2 Shoppers Preferences Map fig7 17 Question 3 18 Q3 Shoppers Preferences Map fig8 19 Question 4 & Graph 20 Question 5 21 Q5 Graph fig9 22 Environmental Survey 23 Environmental Survey 24 Environmental Survey 23 Environmental Survey 24 Environmental Survey 25 Environmental Survey 26 Conclusions 27 Overlay fig10 28 Conclusion 29 Conclusion and Analysis Introduction To Wisbech Wisbech is a town located in the county of Cambridgeshire (East of England). It can be found along the route of the River Nene. Within a few miles outside of Wisbech are two neighbouring counties - Norfolk and Lincolnshire. Wisbech is the "Capital of The Fens" - an area of land in East Anglia which was formally marshes. The land was drained to give rich inhabitable soil. Wisbech was a good selection as it has a bridging point, a route center and a port, the trade of the port was very important in the 18th and 19th century and much of Wisbech wealth and success came from the port. In recent years however the port has declined to ship sizes, Wisbech is left with its thriving market place and businesses. In spite of the markets on Thursdays and Saturdays the commuters from the surrounding villages are these days drawn to larger shopping centers like the Queensgate shopping center in Peterbough, and the shops in Kings Lynn. However Wisbech still has a sphere of influence of around 10miles The better shopping facilities and the out of town supermarkets has caused a market decline in recent years. ...read more.


The page before shows what my questionnaire looks like. Q1 'DO You Visit The Garden Ares Of Wisbech Regularly Or Just In Passing?' The graph on the page fig6 Are the results from question 1, the results are shown on a bar graph. In total 72% of shoppers in Wisbech at least pass though the garden areas of Wisbech however 36% only pass through them to get to the shops. The other 36% would possibly be the elderly percentage of the population, who enjoy the garden areas of Wisbech. Old market garden area. Church garden area. Q2 In question 2 the results show that people don't tend to worry about the quality of the town, see fig7 Norfolk Street is of low environmental quality but has the joint highest percent of were people prefer to shop. The Horsefair is the most modern part of Wisbech and the results of the graph show this as well with 50% of people asked classing it as having the highest environmental quality. Norfolk Street has a few clothes shops and other specialists stores, which have there a long time and people are used to shopping there, as it is an old part of Wisbech. The Horsefair has a lot of chain stores like the Halifax and Woolworths and is very poplar. Q3 Q4 My results from question four on my questionnaire show people would prefer a pleasant environment to shop in with 70% of people saying that it would encourage them to shop. The Horsefair being a well looked after modern part of Wisbech has a pleasant environment to shop in. Q5 The results from fig9 shows what people would prefer to see in the shopping areas of Wisbech. Many parts of Wisbech have these items such as the Horsefair with modern buildings, litterbins, hanging baskets and traffic free areas. Left is the Horsefair shopping area showing its modern buildings and flower tubs. ...read more.


However the Old Market Place had the joint highest environmental quality score. I think the Old Market Place has a low pedestrian count as it is over the river and this causes shoppers inconvince as they have to walk a long way from the center of the CBD- The Horsefair and The Market Place. Also I think the shoppers are not attracted to the Old Market Place as it has a lack of chain stores the only chain store being Barkelys bank. The Old Market Place has a high environmental quality as it has well maintained old buildings and a nice garden area. Conclusion and Analysis CONCLUSION I have concluded from my collected data and my overlay that there is a relationship between the number of pedestrians and the environmental quality in Wisbech. I have concluded that as u get closer to the PLVI or the centre of the CBD the environmental quality gets higher and the amount of pedestrians also gets higher. The only exception to this is the Old Market Place, which is over the river and about 300meters away from the PLVI, as the Old Market Place has a high environmental quality but a low amount of pedestrians. ANALYSIS I think that my collected data was good and helped me piece together my coursework well. The only problem I faced was time; I didn't have enough time to ask a lot of people to fill out my questionnaire. Also for the pedestrian count we should have counted the number of pedestrians for an hour, however this would have became tedious and we didn't have enough time to do this anyway. The land use map was also hard to do as the map we filled out was devised from an aerial photo and the we couldn't access the ground behind the shops to identify what that land was used for. However overall I think my collected data went well and the photos and graphs deduced from my data goes well with my write up. Callum Blunden Page 1 GCSE Geography Coursework ...read more.

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