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Is there a shopping hierarchy within Swansea?

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Contents Page 1. Plan Page 2. Collecting Data Page 3. Graph to show how often people visit each location Page 4. A pie chart to show how people travel to each location Page 5. A graph to show how long it takes people to travel Page 6. A graph to show how long people intend on staying Page 7. Analysis of figures 2, 3, 4, 5 Page 8. A graph to show the reasons for shopping in different centres Page 9. A graph to show the types of goods bought at each location (figure 7) Page 10. A pie chart to show what services people are using. (figure 8) Page 11. Land use survey (figure 9) Page 12. Pedestrian count Page 13. Evaluation Plan I am going to find out if there is a shopping hierarchy within Swansea. If there is a shopping hierarchy, then it means that there is one shopping centre, which is bigger, with a wide range of shops. There will also be shopping centres that are smaller, with a smaller range of shops. I will visit three shopping districts, Morriston, Killay and Swansea City Centre (CBD). We are going to these places, as they aren't that far away from each other, and we they are all contrasting in size. My aim is to discover where people go for different types of shopping and to analyse what I discover. I.e. do they go to Swansea City Centre for longer visits, less frequently? ...read more.


(E.g. Neath, Port Talbot) We also made two visual observations. Gender (male/female) And age (0-16 17-25 26-60 60+). Here are the results from the questionnaire. I have put them into graphs so that it is easier to compare them. Analysis of figure 2. Figure 2 shows that only 22% of the shoppers from the C.B.D. visited daily. This is much lower than both Killay (38%) and Morriston (44%). This shows that people visit Morriston and Killay very often. This is because they live close by (figure 6) and are mainly buying convenience goods (figure 7) e.g. daily bread. Whereas people visit the C.B.D. less often because they are buying more comparison goods and don't need to go in as often. This would put the C.B.D. further up the shopping hierarchy than the others because it is used for bigger shops less often. Analysis of figure 3 Figure 3 shows that lots of people catch the bus into the C.B.D. This is because the bus station is in the City Centre, so there are lots of buses going there, and because there aren't many free places to park. Whereas, very few people catch the bus to get to Killay. This is because most of the shoppers live locally or stop while passing in their cars. This puts Killay lower down in the hierarchy because people don't get on a bus just to visit that shopping centre. Analysis of figure 4 Figure 4 shows that a large percentage of people travel to Killay in less than ten minutes and that no one travels for over an hour to get there. ...read more.


Although, the time that we visited these locations could have had a big effect on the results. This is a photo of Swansea City Centre, showing how busy it is. Evaluation My original aim was to see if there is a shopping hierarchy within Swansea. I have concluded from my evidence that there is a shopping hierarchy within Swansea. Swansea City Centre is at the top of the hierarchy with the best range of shops and is the busiest centre. Morriston is second in the hierarchy and Killay is at the bottom. This follows my prediction. This diagram illustrates this. C.B.D Shopping hierarchy triangle Morriston Killay I am pleased that my investigation 'went smoothly'. The accuracy of my results was good, and they all followed the same common trend. I am pleased with my graphs, as they are easy to read off and show the evidence clearly. e.g. figure 6 shows what I would hope for it to show (follows my prediction) and is easy to interpret. The tables, which we prepared before the surveys, made recording the evidence very fast and easy. If I could do the investigation again I would change the times we went to each location. As we went to Killay early in the morning it may have affected our results. i.e. less people, or more people of certain age group. I would go out on three separate days and aim to carry out questionnaires and surveys at the same time for each location. Overall I think that the investigation was a success as I have proved that there is a shopping hierarchy within Swansea. Paul Ferguson ...read more.

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