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It has been agreed that a Tesco superstore can be built in Hailsham; it will be located on the site of WhiteHouse Primary School. But will this be beneficial to Hailsham?

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INTRODUCTION It has been agreed that a Tesco superstore can be built in Hailsham; it will be located on the site of White House Primary School. But will this be beneficial to Hailsham? In our project will are expected to consider the impact (cost/benefit) on a wide range of stakeholders. BRIEF OVERVIEW OF HAILSHAM Hailsham is the largest settlement in the southern half of the District, with a population of 19,100. It is located about six miles north of Eastbourne, between the middle reaches of the Cuckmere River to the west and the Pevensey Levels to the east, with the extensive Wilmington Wood reaching to the town's edge in the South. Hailsham has been an established market town since 1252 and still retains its historic core around the market square and St Mary's Church. The town has experienced considerable growth during this century, with significant residential estate development occurring in the post-War years. More recently, house building has taken place on the western and southern edges of the town, contributing towards a population increase of 3,000 people during the past decade. Today Hailsham serves as a local employment centre, providing a range of jobs in manufacturing and services, and also as a shopping centre for the residents of both Hailsham itself and the surrounding rural area. ...read more.


Now it has been agreed in theory that a new school could be built behind the Seaforth Farm Surgery, the way is open to try to agree realistic terms for the sale of the North Road car park site and playing field (which is owned by Wealden but leased to the County Council). In conducting negotiations the District Council has a legal duty to obtain the best price possible for its land. This would have proved difficult if all the costs involved in relocating the school had consumed the bulk of the developer's budget available for land acquisition overall. In these circumstances, the District Council might have been asked to accept less than open market value for its land. The Resources Committee thinks it has found a way of unlocking this dilemma. Committee Chairman, Councillor David Logan said: "We agree that a well-planned Tesco supermarket development could bring many benefits to Hailsham. My Committee has agreed to further negotiations on the sale of District Council land on the basis that best value is obtained. If the overall cost of the White House School relocation means that the developer is unable to offer this Council the open market value for its land, then the Council will require any shortfall in value to be made up by the County Council by the gifting of land of an equivalent value elsewhere in the District." ...read more.


jobs available when Tesco gets built so a possible increase in overall employment is expected * Employees will be able to see a increase in career jobs * Also a increase in part-time employment 4. COMPETITORS Effects on shops in Hailsham COSTS * The smaller shops in Town may not be able to compete on range and price compared to Tesco BENEFITS * Opportunities will a rise for specialised shops Effects on other supermarkets COSTS * Other supermarkets close to the new Tesco site like the Co-op and Waitrose may lose trade to the extent that one existing supermarket closes 5. SHAREHOLDERS Profitability COSTS * The whole cost of set up may reduce profits in short term * The rivalry between the leading supermarkets may start price war causing reduced profit BENEFITS * Increased profitability, therefore increased dividends in the long term 6. LOCAL GOVERNMENT Income COSTS * There will be a loss of UBR if shops close BENEFITS * There will be an income from scale of land Economic Development BENEFITS * The UBR income from Tesco may encourage more larger shops into Hailsham * Tesco is paying for the new development of the new school and money will be save available for other projects ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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