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It was a selfish idea to build the long groyne at hengistbury head

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One: Introduction For this piece of coursework, I have been asked to investigate if weather or not the building of the long groyne at Hengistbury Head was a selfish idea. This is an issue worth discussing because Hengistbury Head (HH) is a popular area, with many local residents and a lot of visiting tourists who come for the beach activities and services etc. HH is on the South coast of the UK, the most attacked coastline in the world, which is what causes the controversy, why protect one part of this coast, when all of it needs protecting? To help me in this investigation, I will answer some key questions: 'Where are HH and Highcliffe (HC) located?' 'How has the shape of the coastline changed over time? (Before and after the groyne)' 'what is HH and how was it formed?' 'Why is it popular amongst tourists? What is there to do and see?' 'What is an SSSI?' 'What are the problems at HH regarding coastal erosion?' 'What coastal protection methods are already in place?' 'What evidence is there of coastal erosion at HC?' 'Is there any coastal protection already at HC, if so, what?' 'What do residents of HH and HC think about the erosion taking place along their coastline?' I will also compare and contrast what is going on at HH and HC with case studies from across Britain. I will be using primary information; information that I myself has gathered, e.g. my booklet from the field trip, and secondary information, e.g. information from internet sites. I will draw this coursework to a close by giving my own opinion, using the information gathered from various sources as evidence to answer the key questions, and using them to back up what I think. Two: Prediction "Building the groyne at Hengistbury Head a selfish idea." In agreement with this statement, there are many things that could make the building of the groyne seem like a selfish idea. ...read more.


But, it also has a downside, they are not very attractive, they are very expensive and require a lot of maintenance, without which they become less effective. There are 'Drainage Gullies' these help to drain the excess water from the cliffs, to prevent saturation, and direct it back to the sea. They are nearly unnoticeable as they are inside the cliff. But, they are also very expensive, and the cliff is weakened slightly when they are inputted into the cliffs. Vegetation is plated on the cliffs, it is cheap, it also absorbs excess water to prevent saturation, it looks natural and is attractive. But, it has no where near the same effect as other methods of protection. There are rocks and boulders placed on the coast as part of Rock Armour/Rip Rap, but standing alone or in small groups and they have the same effect. Beach replenishment is used at HC as well as at HH, where the sand that has been moved is replaced with shingle, again it is cheap, but it is not the same as having a sandy beach, and needs replacing every 10 years or so. Finally, a technique called terracing has been used on the cliffs, where they have been cut into levels similar to stairs; this puts less pressure of the cliffs and prevents slumping. Unfortunately, it is very expensive and laborious to do and make it harder for water to run off of the cliff, unless there are drainage gullies. What do residents of HH and HC think about the erosion taking place along their coastline? Ten: What do residents of HH and HC think about the erosion taking place along their coastline? To answer this key question I will use my questionnaire, analysing it and using it as evidence to answer this question with. The first question on the questionnaire was 'Do you live locally?' and the most popular answer was A:' Yes, I'm a local resident' with 54%. ...read more.


Lastly, I feel that the groyne was not a selfish idea because not enough awareness is being raised of the issues of coastal erosion, the councils at HH and HC are obviously aware of what is happening to the coast around their areas but others are not, it more awareness is raised then more parts of the British coast can be protected. Five: Evaluation. Although the visits to HH and HC were useful, trips are different times of the year and day would be useful too because the groups of people visiting would be different and they would give different opinions are answers to questionnaires etc as would the landscape, we went on a typical summer/spring day during the week in the middle of the day, if we were to visit in mid winter at the weekend for example, we would have probably met some completely different people and the results of our questionnaires would be very different. In an ideal world case studies for things such as coastlines would be done over a period of a number of years, in order to see the changes happening first hand instead of researching it and asking people about it. From completing this piece of coursework I have learned quite a lot, the different types of coastal protection, how they work, how much they coast, how this case relates to others around the country, what the residents of the area really think, I have also learned the importance of spreading coursework out evenly and giving yourself enough time to complete it, and not panicking if you're struggling. If I was to do this coursework again there are several things that I would do differently, I would ask more people to fill in my questionnaire, and gather more in depth information from them on their opinions of what is happening at HH and HC I would also try to keep my field work more detailed and neater to help me later on. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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