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Jean Baptiste Story.

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Jean Baptiste Story Jonathan Saunders m2 Jean Baptiste, a man who would kill to possess the most powerful, potent aroma, stood in the Rue De La Raquette. Such a powerful scent would make his eyes open and actually look for the smell's origin to see if his nose was telling the truth in this rancid capital of Paris. Jean strolled down the dark deep street in the freezing cold winter where he could see that the river had frozen over and covered the sewage in a foot of ice. The murky lane had two bright lights from the glissading streetlamps, which looked like diamonds in a cave. The houses stood still like statues in the town hall and as he looked up into the wintry sky he could see the cathedral that smelt like damp wood and musky age. He could not smell anything eccentric or new, out of the habitual smells; he could smell with his flared nostrils diseased water, rotten faeces, rancid rats and the unbearable smell of fishy genitals. At this moment Jean's head was filled with constitution wondering where he was going to find the smell that smelt like it was already on someone's skin. ...read more.


He quickly sprinted into the soldiers quarters were his nose took him. He crept up on the victim, under his covers he was under, and pulled the covers off quicker than lighting and with his dagger in the air ready to kill the vibrer, he was shocked to find it was a dead dog that had been rotting in the bed for more than a couple of weeks. He ran out of the crumbly building, as fast as he could and sat on the riverbank looking at the dead ducks under the frozen river, which smelt like rotten corpse and looked back on the barracks in the bitter wind and saw the soldiers running out of the sweaty construction of what they called a barrack, as they saw what he just witnessed. He unhurriedly made his way across the frozen river, which almost made him sick, he made his way through the back streets of the great city of Paris heading towards the Pigalle where he picked up the smell of decayed animals as he pulled out another unique smell out of the atmosphere, he went and followed the trace, through the alleys where the most dreadful diseases were found from ...read more.


He crept as quiet as a bug into the kitchen where he could smell the overwhelming scent of fresh baguette and an ecstasy of a fresh pot of coffee with chocolat. He walked into the main reception and to his surprise he couldn't find the smell he wanted, he thought that these were the nicest smells he has ever smelt but it wasn't good enough he ran out of the gigantic house sniffing all the smells as he left and sat down on one of the path benches and put his fingers to his temples to think where else he could go when a gust of wind came across his path and in it a smell that he ad never smelt before and he looked up to heaven and thanked the lord and to his surprise he took a leaf of the honeysuckle tree and smelt the gorgeous perfume that was out of this world and into his hand, at last. He then shouted with his arms out wide my twelve-year search has ended, and then he could feel a shadowy character casting over behind him with a machete knife and with one sharp swing the knife pieced the air and the man .................. The End ...read more.

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