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Journey of an illegal immigrant. This is the route I will be taking to get to San Diego. Many perish in these waters. Whilst trying to cross the border.

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´╗┐MY JOURNEY ACROSS THE BORDER Monday I am excited but nervous. Tomorrow I will be going to America. I do not know how long my journey will be or how it will go although, I pray that no obstacles come my way. My route is to swim the Rio Grande then cut the metal fence and enter the border. I will then do a 2 mile trek to the city of California. When I reach California I will visit my friend Enrique and he will give me a lift to San Diego, where I begin my new life. Tonight we have a party. All mia familia and friends come to celebrate. We sing and dance and pray. We talk about what lies ahead in the ?promised land? People wish me luck and tell me not to forget them. I say in return, ?although I may live like an American I will never forget my Mexican roots.? Even though I am 20 years of age Mama holds me tight and says to me that I will do my father proud. She then whispers into my ear ?deiar que las estrellas que llevan a los Estados Unidos.? This means ?let the stars carry you to America.? This was the Mexican way of saying good luck. As I sleep at night I am thinking about all the things that may come my way like fortune, wealth, fun and excitement. ...read more.


As I come to, I soon realise that the pain was coming from my foot. I was caught. Caught in an alligator trap. The snares where crushing my foot seeping into my flesh and causing my foot to pour blood. Thoughts run through my mind. What if I die? I question myself. What happens if the police come and see me and arrest me? Will I ever make it to America? I black out. Wednesday I stir. I wake up slowly attempting to remember where I am. Then it comes to me. I?m in the Rio Grande. My foot has gone numb. I?m probably going to have to live the rest of life with one foot. Thankfully I am camouflaged by the plant life. The police keep walking straight past me unable to see me boobing around in the water. I cannot move, the alligator trap is anchored to the riverbed. I suppose this is going to be a waiting game 1:00 pm In the afternoon it becomes so hot! I am nearly out of my supply of water and as desperate as I am I refuse to drink out of the river. I feel the blistering sun on my head. I feel so hot and dehydrated. I think this is the end. Maybe I?m not supposed to enter America. It may not be what god wills. ...read more.


We plan on starting a family together and in two months time sending my Mama from Mexico to come live with us. I have to say my journey did not go how I thought it would (not even slightly). When Enrique and I reached San Diego he took me to see a Mexican doctor who stitched my foot. It was almost as if the incident had never happened. After 2 week of rest I began my job at the factory. True to my word I still send money to my family in Mexico and update them on how I am. When I told them what had happened they were in shock , although thankfully I was okay. After meeting Amanda I have decided not to move back to Mexico, but to stay here in America. 3 months ago I was able to afford a green card to become an American citizen so now I travel to Mexico to see my family. Amanda has a very well paid job so she lets me treat my family by often sending gifts. Soon Mama will be coming over here to live with us as I want her to experience the lifestyle. Dont worry though, she isn?t going to be swimming the Rio Grande at 67. Amanda has kindly paid the fee to let her into the country. For those who are deliberating wether or not to take the chance and swim the Rio Grande to come to the US, I say why not! Take a risk and you never know what you make receive. ...read more.

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