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Lake District & The Alps.

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EUROPEAN STUDIES [Lake District & The Alps] The Alps and the Lake District are both very well known tourist attractions. The beautiful and astounding landscape has fascinated people for over decades. It is a place of enjoyment for both adults and children. The French Alps has great winter and summer resorts. It is an excellent place for people who enjoy skiing. Many of the newer ski-resorts, for instance Val d'isere and Les Deux Alpes, have been purpose built. Places such as Annecy become congested in summer. This gives people the chance when they can take lake cruises and enjoy the scenery. Ski resorts get tremendously busy during winter times and also due to the enormous lift systems, it gives the tourists an amazing view of the Alps and can reach to their destination more easily. Furthermore due to the height of these ski resorts, it is very popular because many days are sunny and the air is clear even though the snowfall is heavy. ...read more.


Their mountainous landscape and their wildlife, such as alpine flora were in need of protection against the rapid advance of tourism. The aim of the park planners is to try to balance the protection of the environment with local Alpine traditions and the economic potential of tourism. The other well known tourist attraction, the Lake District is situated just below Scotland with a population of approximately 40,000. Each year 12 million people visit the Lake District. The National Park is very famous due to it extraordinary mountain, valley and lake scenery. What attracts tourists also attracts second home owners and retired people - it is a place for all ages. The National Park has some special qualities, such as the diversity of landscapes - sandy coasts and clear rivers, rugged mountains and deep lakes, woodlands and wildlife. The wide range of ecosystems includes freshwater habitats, arctic-alpine communities and ancient broad-leaved woodland. Its most extravagant scenery results from glaciation. ...read more.


Furthermore conflict between local residents and tourists can occur, for instance between farmers and visitors or people yearning for some peace and quiet while others wanting activities, such as speed boating, water skiing or car rallying. Considering all of these problems, possible solutions have been discussed. One of the main aims is to balance the needs of local residents with those of visitors. Also two significant aspects are landscaping and traffic management. Improving of landscaping includes repairing eroded footpaths and damaged stone walls. Planting trees to screen and wherever possible car parks and quarries. The Lake District Traffic Management's initial main objectives were to reduce periodic traffic and parking congestion and to offer alternatives mode of transport to the car, mainly by improving public transport. Tailor traffic to the availability of the existing roads and allow the local community to proceed with its normal business. A number of individual local schemes have been implemented based on the need, local support, cost and achievability. For instance restriction on-road car parking, speed limit, improved bus services and village schemes for parking, traffic management and environmental improvement. ?? ?? ?? ?? OMAR PERVEZ ...read more.

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