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Land use changes with distance from the C.B.D

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Doron hypothesis 1 Geography Coursework Hershkorn land use changes with distance from the C.B.D Aim: The main aim of our study is to see if St Albans is a typical city. According to theory a typical city has a C.B.D which consists of big shopping centre's, entertainment such as cinemas, market places and offices. ...read more.


Methodology: The survey took place on Wednesday 17th of April, in St Albans, Beforehand an A3 piece of paper was given to collect our information. R.I.C.E.P.O.T.S is a simple record of the land use. The information which was collected was to record the name of every building walked passed. ...read more.


The first of the two is a general code letter and the second letter describes the building in more detail, for example "RF", R stands for residential and F stands for flat so the building "RF" would be a residential flat. When finished the rice pots on the left hand side of the road our group crossed and again took notes on every building using the same code as done before. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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