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Geography Coursework DATE LAND USE OF STANMORE Tulsi Voralia: 11S Introduction This is my coursework on the Land use of Stanmore. I decided to do this topic because it enabled me to practice more on the subject of settlement which is one of my weak areas in Geography. Although I do not live in Stanmore, most of my time is spent there, at my school (Bentley Wood High School). Stanmore is located in the South East of London, in the London Borough of Harrow. It is north east from Harrow-on-the-Hill. Aim The aim of this coursework is to notice and observe the land use in Stanmore and to find out whether it relates to the concentric model, the sector model or both. In the concentric model the central business district (CBD) would be in the centre of the borough and surrounding the CBD would be some industrial area, around the industrial area there would be residential areas first low quality, then medium quality, and finally high quality. In the sector model there would be the CBD in the centre and the different zones would have been built in sections, parallel to the roads. ...read more.


The information I receive from the Estate Agents will tell me the prices of Semi-detached housing, detached housing and terraced housing. After both observational work and questioning the Estate Agents I will be able to analyse hypothesis numbers 3 and 4. Data Observation DAY 1:- On my first day of gathering data, I decided to do the pedestrian and traffic count, this was because the first thing I needed to do was to determine where the CBD is, so that I can proceed with finding the type of houses and also if they are located accordingly as hypothesis number 3, 4, 6 and 7 states. I believe that doing a pedestrian and traffic count near the train station may help. This is because other CBD's for example: Harrow on the hill has a bus station and a train station within their CBD. I then had to decide what time of the day would be best to do the pedestrian and traffic count and also how long I should do it for. After considering all the different times, I thought that; it may help my data not to be biased, if I did my count when there would be an average number of people. ...read more.


DAY 3:- On the final day of collecting my data, I had to do some observational work. This included travelling around by car and suggesting whether a particular road is of the following titles: - Residential area (If so, what type of housing do I notice) - Open area - Retail area - Industrial area I will present this data through a street map and colour code each area and use a key for each title of area. This method will also help me to trace out the CBD and help me decide whether the layout of Stanmore is closer to the sector model or the concentric model or both, which is my aim. Data Presentation This Pie chart shows the places where people have travelled from, in order to get to the retail area around Stanmore Station which I feel may be the CBD. This pie chart shows the places which people have travelled in order to get to Belmont circle. This may also be the CBD. Belmont circle Stanmore This bar graph shows the different methods used by people in order to get to either Stanmore or London road from where they live. KEY:- Detached Bungalows Semi-detached Industry Terraced Retail Flats ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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