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Land use survey of Colne, so we can see how land is used, and also the street quality survey could come to be relevant because we could predict from the results of that were the main shopping area will be and where shops will be least likely to be located

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Hypothesis 2 'Land use will be mainly concerned with a range of different retail and commercial activities' The range of retail and commercial activities is the different types of shops and building use in a chosen area. Retail means shops, warehouses, super markets etc. things which sell goods to people, e.g. clothes or food. Commercial or commerce are places like banks, building societies, and insurance brokers, these are selling their business to you. I expect Colne to have a poor range of shops. I expect the shops that Colne does have to be low to middle order, with a limited range of shops selling on the whole the same sort of products, those being convenience goods. This is to do with the fact that it is only serving a small population who use it as a local service centre, see (hypothesis one for a full explanation), and need convenience goods. Due to this fact I think that you will not find large chain stores, department stores or many specialist shops. ...read more.


= some litter 5 = very dirty Exterior appearance of shops - 1 = mostly well-maintained properties 3 = some neglected properties 5 = mostly poorly maintained properties Vacant properties - 1 = under 10% vacant 3 = 10 - 20 % vacant 5 = over 20 % vacant The only problems that I had when doing my field work was the fact that there wasn't enough space to write the full name of the shop or building type in the boxes provided on the street maps. Analysis of results My results show that the majority of the shops in Colne are convenience stores that sell everyday goods that are needed by the local people who used it as a local service centre. Also the land that is not used by shops/food stores, tends to be offices, this is because Colne has a large area to gather workers from, as it is one of the only decent sized towns in pendle, so it will attract workers and firms to set up offices there. ...read more.


From my results I can also tell that land is used for offices as well the main office types are professional offices and financial offices. They locate here because it is near a population and because if it is used as a local service centre they will be in demand. My results have proved the hypothesis to be correct. This is because Colne doesn't devote any or little of it's land in the centre to housing, it is used by offices and shops. However the range of shops is limited, but there is a wide range of commercial activity taking place there, e.g. insurance, banking, accountants, surveyors etc. To improve my results I would expand the land use survey into the market area and look at upper floors of buildings. This would mean more results would be gained, giving reason for a firmer conclusion. I would also use the key as shown in the results, this is because the box spaces were only small and the key would make it quicker and more efficient, also it would show what the building was used for in more detail than just writing in office. ...read more.

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