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Land Use Survey - Rotherham Town Centre

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Land Use Survey Aim --I am doing this survey to see how the land is used in Rotherham Town centre. --I will see which variety and types of buildings etc shops, offices, make up the main part of Rotherham and spot vacant shops and land use patterns of shops, offices etc. Hypothesis * I think that there will be a small variety of different types of shops because I think Rotherham Town centre is very small. * I think that all the big brand high street chain shops e.g. W H Smiths, will be located in the pedestrianised areas and this will be in a small area of the Town centre because there are only a few pedestrianised areas in town. * I think that because Rotherham Town centre is unpopular there will be many vacant shops and low order convenience stores. Method We carried out our transects, in groups for safety, in the most popular shopping areas and the routes into the Town centre as this is where the buildings etc that people use are found. ...read more.


The most obvious is the answer to hypothesis three because the transects I drew show numerous vacated shops especially along the High Street. Something else which is easy to spot is the similarity in the same types of shops which refers to hypothesis one. For example on Wellgate there are 5 hairdressers and 9 clothing stores which shows there is hardly any variety in shops along this road especially at this rate. However Effingham Street and College Street have a larger variety of shops etc and they also have lager big brand shops such as Woolworths, this area is also pedestrianised making it more accessible and safer for shoppers. There is also a multi storey car park, bus stops, parking bays, car parks, double yellow lines, traffic lights and no parking at any times signs to control traffic amount and to increase safety for the public. The pedestrianised areas have more comparison shops which attract more people and it is in a safe area which proves my hypothesis two. ...read more.


Another error we made was guessing what type of shop or business some buildings were as this was unclear. The big map we had to transfer our results onto was quite old and I had more shops and buildings on my hand drawn transect then there was on the big map so I had to 'twist' the big map to fit my transect. The big map was from a birds eye vie so some of the shops and buildings could not fit on as they were one on top of the other. To give advice to other people doing this transect I would say to use a clipboard or a sketchbook, use the simpler key, take your time, check the weather forecast before going out, and to start early in the morning. Overall my results are not completely accurate but at the same time are not completely wrong so I can use them reliably. The problems that I came across affect the reliability of my data so the conclusions I made are only as good as my data would allow. Aneesa Akbar ...read more.

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