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Leisure And Tourism.

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Humanities GCSE Coursework Leisure And Tourism Introduction "Britons are among the most unethical travellers in the world, ignoring global environmental damage and riding roughshod over local population and their needs." This is the hypothesis my assignment will explore to find out if it is truthful or not. I will also relate to other statement such as "All inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, Africa, and Sri Lanka attract up to a million Britons every year-up from 400,000 in 1996-but many visitors never get beyond the fortified gates built to keep locals out. Such holidays encourage little additional spending." The locals of countries that have tourists from Britons visiting are not happy with the way they respect the culture and traditions of the country "People generally do not make an effort to learn a countries record, and if they come across the information, they will generally not be deterred." British tourists travel all around the world, but if the hypothesis reflects on the behaviour of the tourists is another question and so I will use this piece of work to find out the answer. I will do this by using a questionnaire and ask 10 people of random ages. Then I will use the results and put them into graphs. ...read more.


Ethical tourism is when the tourists show concern for the local people and their culture and respect their traditions and don't walk around half naked if it's against the tradition of the people of the country. If the tourists respect the traditions and culture and don't just stay in the hotel and so shop in local markets etc there would be know arguments between the local people and the tourists. Section 4 I will use a questionnaire to find out the truth of the hypothesis. The questionnaire will consist of 10 questions, which 7 of them will be yes/no questions. I will ask 10 people the questionnaire and the age of the people I ask will be spread out so I can get more accurate results and come to more conclusions about if the elderly generation care more than the younger generation. Then after collecting my information I will make tables and graphs of results and then come to a conclusion to see if the hypothesis is a truthful one or not. I will make sure I will ask people randomly and so of any nationality, age and background. ...read more.


Conclusion Overall I believe that the hypothesis is not true at all as my results show. Most of the yes/no questions should have been answered yes as it was the most sensible answer. Overall in the whole of the yes/no questions 84% were answered yes and only 16% were answered no. This just proves my point that the statement in the hypothesis is hardly true at all as the results and percentages suggest. Other conclusions I came to were that all age groups answered the questions in a sensible manner and I couldn't really conclude that the older generation cared more about the affect of tourism than the youngsters. Although in the question do you believe that the behaviour of tourists shouldn't offend the local people in anyway, I found that that all the people answered yes apart from one 12-18 year old, his can tell us there are the odd youngsters around with this attitude but not that much which is a good thing. So to sum up the hypothesis is not true and in my own opinion I don't totally agree with the hypothesis statement but I do believe in it as in the way English tourists walk around half naked, but again I mainly believe the statement is false and so do my results. ...read more.

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