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Letter from Japan, I quite like the lessons in my new school, some of them are the same as Scottish school lessons but I do get taught some traditional Japanese arts

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Letter from Japan, Land of the Rising Sun. 4-25-10 Yoyogi Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan 151-0053 8th January 2012 Dear Bob, Hey, it?s Mary. How have you been? I haven?t seen you in ages! It?s been too long, pal. I?m missing you like mad! I have to say though, Japan is amazing! Everything is so different here, but I love it. My house is massive! Bigger than all the houses in Dullatur, haha! It has six bedrooms, five bathrooms, three living rooms, two kitchens, a games room and an office. The garden?s massive too! Look here?s a picture of it: My bedroom is the second biggest in the house; I have a king-size bed, a walk-in wardrobe, a 3D 44-inch plasma television, one of the touch-screen computers we used to always talk about before I moved. I also have a balcony that looks over our swimming pool; did I mention we have a pool? Well we do, it?s amazing in the summer, it?s always warm and my friends and I who live in the street can dip in and out of it whenever we want. Even in the winter, it?s still fun to go in because it has a heater but we don?t go in it that much because my friend, Gemma (she?s American and she lives two doors down) has an indoor pool. I have one of the home cinema rooms too; it?s good when I?ve got friends over and when the family are over. There is some American and British people living nearby that were a bonus. When we first arrived, they came round to the door with a bottle of Japanese Whiskey because they knew we were Scottish, and apparently all Scottish people like Whiskey. Anyway, their children are lovely, Gemma, she?s 13 and Graeme, he?s 14, from the Forrest family (they?re American) and the Jones?s family are lovely too, they have one child, Ryan, he?s 15 but we all walk to school together. ...read more.


My little brother has this key ring thing on his school bag, and it?s like everlasting bubble wrap. It?s so cool; it must annoy his teachers though! For my thirteenth birthday, my friend Gemma got me a watch. She had mentioned it a few days before my birthday, and I must admit, my initial thoughts were, ?Huh? What?s so special about a watch?? I had obviously forgotten I was in Japan! This is the best watch I have ever seen! It?s called infection. I didn?t really understand it at first, but now that it?s been explained to me, it?s quite simple to understand. The red dots indicate hours, the yellow dots indicate minutes in groups of five, and the green dots indicate single minutes. It?s so clever! Look, here?s a picture of it: If I came to Scotland with this on, I think I?d get a few weird looks! It definitely doesn?t look like a normal watch, does it? But well done, Gemma for getting me it! You don?t like Star Wars, do you? I?ll tell about this anyway, my maths teacher is the biggest Star Wars fan I have ever met and the projector in our class-room is actually R2-D2 from the movies head! It?s so cool, not that I like Star Wars or anything? The stuff I have is considered to be normal and lots of people have them, there are loads more that are just amazing! A few examples are the robots that a big company has just realised, it looks just like a human being and are scarily like humans, and the people who invented them were trying to invent something that would be an aid to elderly people, instead of hiring people to do it. I don?t know if they?ve sold any yet, but I think it?s a genius idea! According to my dad, Japan is the leader in the robot market and making ?humanoids?. ...read more.


Some other dishes we enjoy are Ramen, a kind of soup with noodles and vegetables; you eat all the noodles and vegetables first and then drink the soup. Yakitori is delicious, it?s grilled pieces of chicken on a stick. Also, there?s Tonkatsu, which is grilled pork, served with curry rice, and shredded cabbage. That?s it there: The Japanese have made their own attempt at some Western dishes over the centuries, Korokke are deep fried and breaded, and filled with minced meat and mashed potato. They?re rather nice too. And then there?s Omuraisu (abbreviation for omelette rice) which is rice, wrapped in a thin omelette, and usually served with a gravy sauce or a tomato sauce. Also, there?s Hamubagu (this makes me laugh) which is a Japanese style hamburger. It is typically served on a plate, with a demi-glace sauce but without a bun. We always eat with chop-sticks and traditionally, the Japanese don?t eat sitting on a chair, or standing up, we sit on the floor on a cushion. But we don?t do that, we sit at the table, unless we?re at a Japanese restaurant. But it makes my back sore. Like this: So yeah, we eat Japanese food, in a Western way! Right, I can imagine you?re probably getting bored reading about me and Japan?so I?m going to start wrapping this up. All in all, I love living here, it?s amazing! The people, the food, the history, the culture, the sports, everything really! Although, I?m really missing you and all my friends and family back in Scotland. One of the things I?m missing the most is Irn Bru! See when you?re coming over to see me, can you bring some? Haha! I hope I see you soon, Keri. Tell everyone I said hi, and hope they?re all okay. And show Mr Lynch this if you wish, I?m sure he?d like it! Write back to me? You don?t have to write me a ten page letter though! Miss you, Love, Mary! ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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