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Letter to the brazilian government regarding the amazonian rainforest

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To the Brazilian Government, I am writing to you to express my views and opinions about the Amazonian rainforest and the way it's being exploited. I am fully aware that you, as a government, are being threatened to reduce the amount of trees you cut down from other countries; this letter may initially appear to be like those others, but I understand both sides of the argument, although I do strongly believe it is best that we protect the rainforest than destroy it. I do realize that you are desperately trying to develop into one of the world's most economically developed countries. Whilst destroying the rainforest would originally generate a huge income, I understand, the profits would not be as great if the natural resources were to be managed in a sustainable approach in the future. Amazonia will eventually be deprived of its resources at this going rate - the effects this will cause will be difficult to resolve. Firstly, Amazonia is a way of life to the indigenous people; they have lived in this rainforest for thousands of years. If you were to destroy Amazonia, these people would be forced to leave their homes as their homeland/habitat would be in the way of loggers, and legal legislations would not permit the locals to stay put, as they do not possess 'ownership deeds', as you are aware of. ...read more.


This could possibly give you an alternative for making huge sums of money - extracting medicines that can cure world-wide spread diseases that will always be in demand. But on the other hand, destroying the rainforest will provide the world many valuable resources like hardwoods and building materials; which are imperative in global development. Your country would receive a substantial amount of money as these materials can be used for a lot of practical uses aswell - highlighting there world-wide benefits. Finally, destroying Amazonia would provide key professions, such as loggers, cattle ranchers and miners to the local people who seek employment which requires little/no education. This is important for them as they will be able to afford a better standard of life, in which their family will benefit from. But these people are only, however, interested in their own wealth fare - not the environment around them. They simply do not care about the millions of animals that will suffer from their actions - but it is you that can prevent this, or even just change these occurrences. However, this is understandable on their behalf; they need money to survive, but the reasons for deforestation are easily outshone by the fact that the rainforest needs to be preserved. ...read more.


In conclusion I strongly believe that you should try your up-most hardest to protect the Amazonian Rainforest. Whilst you have plenty of sustainable ways to provide your country with resources needed to develop efficiently, your local people can also benefit from the new legislations I strongly recommend you implement. If you were to decide to destroy the entire rainforest, global warming would endanger the world, and for that sole reason other countries would attempt to stop you, creating wars, in order to inevitably save the plant. Your only acceptable reason for cutting down the rainforest is to make money from the large amounts of natural resources you produce. But when the rainforest would be completely destroyed, you will have nothing that is valuable remaining. Moreover, the profit you would make from the various techniques of sustainable development, in a relatively short time period, at around a matter of a decade, would be greater than if you were to destroy the rainforest entirely. So you could receive a better 'turn-over' from saving the planet, eventually. It is not essential that you totally cut down the rainforest. Destroying it will cause far more arguments and worldwide horror than leaving Amazonia to provide us with the resources required. ...read more.

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