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Llandudno urban study

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GCSE Coursework Tseden Taddese Candidate number - 0195 Introduction Aim: 1. To study the land use pattern of Llandudno 2. To establish Llandudno's sphere of influence 3. To see the size of the CBD in Llandudno 4. To study Llandudno as a retail and tourism centre Hypotheses The hypotheses that I am going to use in this project are the following: 1. Llandudno has sphere of influence and this serves the hole of Conwy County; 2. The CBD can be found by the number of pedestrians; 3. Mostyn Champneys' retail park will have an impact on the shoppers and the CBD; 4. The main land use on Mostyn Street is shops Background information Until 1843 Llandudno was just a small fishing village at the foot of the Great Orme. A man called M.E.Mostyn M.P realised that an opportunity was available to turn Llandudno into seaside resort. This area had everything he needed for example low rainfall, high sunshine and ancient buildings. In 1843 he bought 955 acres Llandudno and about half of it was on the sea front. He became the owner and development controller for most of the towns. In 1854 there were 21 commissioners which set strict rules on what people can and cannot built. Saps, hydros and hotels were built on the land. In 1891 Llandudno boomed as tourist resort after the railway along the N.Wales coast was completed. ...read more.


The reason for this is that there are many shops around. There are also chain shops like Marks and Spencer's which are very popular. Questionnaire results Aspects:- Age There is no pattern on the graph but most people were aged 20 to 60. This is because when we did the survey majority of young people where at school and people with jobs were working. Therefore the people who where out were mainly people with out work. Origin Most of the people came from local areas. This is because Llandudno has convenience and comparison goods which are accessible. There are also Anchor shops that attract people form local areas Transport The people mainly travel by car and bus. The reason for this is that the train service is not good. They come every 2 hours and there aren't that many trains and it take's a long time for one train to arrive. This makes it less easy to use the train. Maybe if we had done the survey in the morning there could have been more people taking the train. If we had done the survey in weekend we could have seen more people using their bike because there would be more young people around. Majority of the people used their car to travel because there are many good roads around Llandudno. Employments From the results I can see that most people work at Retail. ...read more.


CBD is based on Mostyn Street because there are anchor stores like M&S. It is also dominated by chain stores. Because of these shops lots of people go there frequently for shopping. Evaluation I think that the methods that we used were quite accurate because the results are good enough to prove the hypothesis right or wrong. In some causes like environmental quality it might differ from each others opinions. This might alter the result obtained depending on the group decision. I have found some odd results e.g. house age but it wasn't hard to make my conclusion because it was only small parts. I could improve my investigation by using different techniques to obtain more reliable and accurate result that I can analyse. If I could compare Llandudno with other seaside resort maybe I can see different things that Llandudno hasn't. I could also do the survey more than once and in different time for example in weekends and working days. Or even I would do it different time of year to see how the sphere of influence changes over the year. By doing this I could gain more knowledge and understanding of seaside resort. I think that the conclusion that I have made are accurate because most of the methods that were used weren't that complicated therefore there is less chance of getting it wrong. Over all I think I have used enough techniques to support my hypothesis. ...read more.

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